Home School Timers for visual learners!

"Am I done with my reading yet?" "How much longer til lunch?" "Is it 5 more minutes YET?"

These questions make fantastic teaching moments! And the home school environment is an ideal environment for teaching time management.

A Time Timer can help. Families like ArmyOf5Diane Allen and Circling Through This Life use Time Timers for school, music practice, time-outs ~ and family games too. 

In fact, the intuitive visual countdown can help your whole family -- toddlers, grandparents, even your home office. Discover how in the Time Timer blog >>

Time Timer for iPad: Three ways to visualize time!
Time Timer for iPad: Three ways to visualize time!
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What Others Are Saying

An innovative and excellent way of depicting the passage of time visually....

- Diane Twachtman-Cullen (Nationally known educator and speaker)

I have a whole group of students in my resource room that would greatly...

- Education Resource Consultant

I just wanted you to know that your Time Timer has been very beneficial...

- Teacher

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Take a visual timer everywhere
Take a visual timer everywhere
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