Time Timer® Android App

Time Timer® Android App
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Product Benefits

The Time Timer® Android App creates and saves timers for the activities you do every day, like morning routines, meetings, projects and children's activities or lets you quickly customize a new Timer whenever you need it.

Recommended by experts in education, professional organizing, healthcare, ADHD/ Autism and parenting.


  • Automatically repeat timers up to 16 times
  • Choose alarm or vibrate to signal time is up
  • Use Quick Start to create a Timer FAST(!)
  • Name and customize your Timers
  • Save Timers to use again
  • View each Timer full-screen – or see up to four at once
  • Add a numerical countdown by choosing Time Display
  • Optional Awake Mode prevents device falling asleep while Timers are running!

Three Timer Modes

  • Original: The red disk represents 60 minutes.
  • Custom: The red disk represents any amount of time – seconds, minutes or hours. (Perfect for interval sessions!)
  • Clock: The disk appears on a clock face.