Visual Schedule Kit for the Time Timer® 8" or 12"

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$ 12.95
Product Benefits
The Visual Schedule Kit for Time Timer® 8" or 12" is a great way to create a visual schedule for anyone to follow. Ideal for younger children or any person who benefits from the ability to view pictures of activities instead of numbers.
The Visual Schedule kit includes:
  • Two plain white blank faces for the Time Timer 8" or 12"
  • Two sheets of activity stickers (depicting various activities, like reading, wash hands, school bus, etc.)
Simply follow the instructions to remove the numbered face that came with the Time Timer 8" or 12" and replace it with a blank face. Then, place stickers at the appropriate location on the blank face. Use washable markers (or permanent for a regularly repeating routine) to write or draw on the blank face to create a completely custom schedule, too!  The video below also provides installation instructions:



  • Empower young children / individuals to manage their own time
  • Create a schedule for people who may not be able to read (or read well) so that they can be independent
  • Eliminate confusion about which activity each person should be working on at the moment
The Visual Schedule Kit was created to help empower individuals to be able to follow a routine without having to remember it, and to independently manage their own activities of daily living.