3, 8 & 12" Timer Support

Did you know you can fix most issues with a Time Timer quickly and easily? We've pulled together a few troubleshooting tips for the 3, 8 & 12-inch Time Timers below. Please watch the support videos or read through the simple resolutions to these common questions.  Feel free to contact our USA-based support team at support@timetimer.com.

My Time Timer doesn’t beep when time is up!

  1. First, look at the back of your Time Timer and ensure that the On/Off switch is turned On. (When it is in the Off position, the Time Timer won’t beep.)
  2. If that wasn't the problem, replace the battery in your Time Timer.
  3. If your Timer beeps one or more minutes early, beeps continuously even after time has elapsed, or does not beep at all, then please complete the replacement request form, by clicking on the red Request a Replacement button on the left hand side of the page.

The red disk stopped moving!

  1. First, install a new AA battery with the positive end (the nub) inserted first. Next, rotate the red disk clockwise from 0 to 60 and keep rotating it around. This will clear any dust or debris that might have become trapped under the disk.
  2. Now, rotate the disk counterclockwise. Lift the clear plastic button over the 0/60 point and keep rotating counterclockwise until the disk is all the way back to 0.
  3. If the red disk is still not moving, please click on the Request a Replacement button on the left.

The Original Time Timer disk is out of place!

  1. If red disk is completely covering the face of the timer, gently press down on the edge of the disk while moving it backwards. This will reinsert the disk under the edge of the face.  

The clear plastic button I use to set the Timer came off!

  1. This is easy to fix. Take the clear plastic button (or another very lightweight button) and superglue it in its proper place.
  2. Ensure that no superglue gets on the red disk or the Timer face, as this could disrupt the Timer’s movement.

How do I install the AA battery?

Watch this video and follow these instructions:

  1. Open the battery compartment on the back of your Timer.
  2. Find the ribbon inside the battery compartment and pull it over the words “Made in China.”
  3. Insert the AA battery with the positive (nub) end first into the compartment OVER the ribbon.
  4. Place the cover back on the battery compartment. The ribbon should stick out.
  5. When you’re ready to replace the battery later, simply open the battery compartment and tug on the ribbon to easily pull the battery loose.