Time Timer PLUS & MOD Support

Please watch the videos or carefully read these troubleshooting tips for the Time Timer PLUS and MOD timers. You can fix most issues quickly and easily. Time Timer’s USA-based support team is always happy to help you as well—please email us at support@timetimer.com.

How do I install the AA battery?

  1. Open the battery compartment on the back of your Time Timer PLUS or MOD using a small, Phillips head screwdriver.
  2. Insert the AA battery negative side (the flat end) first into the compartment so that it is touching the spring.
  3. Replace the cover to the battery compartment and tighten using the small, Phillips head screwdriver.

It doesn’t beep when time is up!

  1. First, look at the back of your Time Timer and ensure that the volume control is turned up and ready to go. Sometimes, the alarm goes silent mid-way through the volume setting.
  2. If that didn't solve the problem, replace the battery in your Time Timer PLUS or MOD.
  3. If your timer beeps one or more minutes early, beeps continuously even after time has elapsed, or does not beep at all, then please complete the replacement request form by clicking on the Request a Replacement button on the left hand side of this page.

The red disk stopped moving!

  1. First, make sure that the clear lens that covers the face and red disk is completely snapped down. This lens must be fully snapped down and snuggly fitting in order for the red disk to move smoothly.
  2. Next, rotate the red disk clockwise from 0 to 60 and keep rotating it back and forth. This will clear any dust or debris that may have become trapped under the disk. Now, rotate the disk counterclockwise until the disk is all the way back to 0.
  3. If both fixes listed above do not work, please now install a new AA battery with the positive side (the nub) inserted first. If the Time Timer PLUS needs a new battery, the disk will not move.
  4. If the red disk is still not moving after trying the options above and replacing the battery, please click on Request a Replacement on the left.

The lens cover came off!

  1. If the lens cover on the front of the timer has come loose, simply snap it back into place.
  2. If it seems broken, please click on the red Request a Replacement button.

The center knob is broken or has come off of the timer!

  1. If the center knob that controls the red disk has come off or seems loose, simply snap it back into place by gently pushing down on it.
  2. If the knob seems broken, please click on the red Request a Replacement button..

My Time Timer seems like it can only be set to 59 minutes!

  • The red disks for the Time Timer PLUS and MOD have a clear edge and will sometimes appear as though your timer can only be set to 59 minutes.
  • The optional beep at the end of timing may also seem to be delayed by a few seconds because the entire disk, including the clear edge, must complete the rotation before time will be up.