Time Timer Desktop App Support

I just bought the Time Timer Desktop App - how do I get it?

You will receive two emails regarding your purchase at timetimer.com.  First, you will receive an email from Time Timer with the receipt for your entire purchase.  A few minutes later, you will receive a second email that contains your license key and step by step instructions for installing the software on either a PC or a Mac.


Do I need a disk drive to install the software?

No, you do not need a disk drive to install the new Desktop App.  It is downloaded from a Time Timer web page.  All you need is an internet connection and for your computer to meet the minimum system requirements.


What are the minimum system requirements to be able to install the Time Timer Desktop App?

For a PC: Windows 7 or later, plus at least 1GB of available RAM disk space

For a Mac: Mac OS 10.9200 or later, plus at least 1GB of available RAM disk space


How do I know if I have the old version of the Time Timer software, or the new version of it?

If you installed the software from a CD, then you have the old version. 

If you installed the software by downloading it from a Time Timer webpage, and needed a license key to complete the installation process, then you have the newest version that is available.


How do I download the Time Timer Desktop App?

Follow these three easy steps to complete your download:
  1. Visit www.timetimer.com/download
  2. Select the version that is right for you - Mac or PC
  3. After the download is complete, enter your license key and email.


    How do I install the Time Timer Desktop App? 

    Step by step instructions are provided below, or you may download a printable set of instructions by clicking here.  If you need additional assistance, please contact our support team.

    Step by Step User Instructions - Mac and PC Version

    1. Make a purchase at timetimer.com
    2. Purchaser will receive two emails:
    a.  Order confirmation from Time Timer that includes the receipt for the purchase and the order number (generated by Shopify).
    b.  Desktop App purchase email from Time Timer (generated by Send Owl) that includes installation instruction, the download link and the license key.
    3.  Click on the link provided in the Desktop App purchase email.
    4.  A window will pop up from Send Owl to verify download. Click Download.
    5.  The user is then directed to the download page that is hosted in Shopify. They will then click the link for the OS that they want. We call this the Time Timer Desktop App Download Page.
    6.  After clicking on the correct link, the user must click Run when prompted.
    7.  After the files have downloaded, a warning will pop up about safety of the software. For windows, click more info, then click Run Anyway. For Mac, your web browser may ask what to do with this zip file. Please follow the prompts.
    8.  Another window will open to prompt the use to enter their license key and the email address to validate the download.


    9.  Now, the software should be installed and functioning on the PC and Mac.