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Professional Organizers

Visual Time Timers for Professional Organizers!

Perhaps no one understands the value of managing time better than Professional Organizers. And that's why experts like Geralin Thomas, Alejandra Costello, Peace of Mind, Australia's Beautifully Organised and others are so enthusiastic about recommending the Time Timer to their clients.

"If you can only use one tool to get organized, the most helpful is a timer, and I like the Time Timer. It is especially effective for someone who is distracted or a procrastinator."

—Geralin Thomas, a professional organizer who has appeared on Hoarders, The Today Show, The Nate Berkus Show, The Fine Living Network, Health, MORE, Woman's Day and Brides.

Time Timer is an invaluable tool for breaking large, seemingly overwhelming tasks into manageable pieces (work on it for 15 minutes, then take a five-minute break!) or for preventing getting sucked into a rabbit hole and avoiding the highest priority work (stop checking email and surfing the web until the timer runs out!)

Professional Organizers use Time Timers for:

  • Juggling clients, personalities and deadlines
  • Helping stressed-out families to understand time, work together and master organization
  • Teaching hoarders to clean just a few minutes every day
Learn more about what makes the Time Timer's disappearing red disk so powerful on YouTube and Facebook.