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New Products - 2017

Introducing our new 2017 products!

Time Timer® offers the most clear and accurate visual timers around. A tested and trusted brand, it’s the preferred time management resource for parents, teachers and other professionals. 



Time Timer TWIST®

Time Timer TWIST®The Time Timer TWIST is a new, digital version of the Time Timer! Set the TWIST by turning the outer ring until you get to your desired time, then press the Play/Pause button. The TWIST is a 90-minute timer that will help everyone manage their time at the office, at home or in school. Includes magnets on the back so that it can be attached to most metallic surfaces.



Time Timer® 20 MIN

Time Timer® 20 MINSometimes an hour is too much time, the quiet Time Timer 20 MIN makes it easy to visualize how quickly 20 minutes will pass by…The Time Timer 20 MIN offers a greater visual impact for shorter duration needs such as completing blocks of homework, silent reading, quiet time, managing playtime transitions, instrument or sports practice, as well as perfectly managing the 15- to 20-minute work cycles in elementary education. 



Time Timer®  120 MIN

Time Timer®  120 MINThe 120-minute Time Timer® is a quiet and versatile timer that helps make all kinds of everyday tasks easier and more productive.  At home use the Time Timer® 120 MIN for everything from keeping kids’ morning and bedtime routines on task to timing homework, instrument practice and screen use.