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Time Timer MAX

Introducing the Time Timer MAX

We heard from teachers that the bigger the Time Timer, the better. So we made the Time Timer MAX a whopping 17 inches by 17 inches so it can be seen in larger spaces. But size isn’t the only reason we call it the MAX. It’s also eight timers in one – with customizable durations and changeable timer faces, the MAX can countdown as low as 5 minutes, or as high as 24 hours. The Time Timer MAX is the perfect solution for keeping any activity on time, even if it literally lasts all day!
Time Timer MAX
  • Kids get it — they can easily grasp the concept of ‘elapsed time’ and ‘time remaining,’ creating less stress between transitions
  • Consistent use helps reduce the noise levels in your gym or classroom
  • Stay on-time with eight timers in one — 5 minutes to 24 hours
  • Large 17" x 17" red disk display can be seen by the whole classroom, gym, or cafeteria
  • Teachers love the dry erase face allowing for maximum flexibility and customization
  • Silent, Moderate, or Loud alert sound levels for various environments and needs
  • Divide the time with colored set markers that are conveniently stored on the back of the timer



“It’s huge! Can’t miss it from anywhere in the room, which is nice. I also like that the beep can be set to loud. It doesn’t get drowned out in the general noise of the classroom.”
- Jessie C., K-5 Special Ed Teacher

“The MAX can be used as a signal to transition. Naturally not wanting to ‘waste’ precious time to ‘play,’ students will transition faster leaving more time participating in skill work, activities, games, etc.”

- Paula E. Bowen, Physical Education Specialist



The Time Timer MAX INCLUDES:

  • 1 timer with 8 duration settings
  • 3 two-sided timer faces (5/15 min, 30 min/1 hr, 2 hr/dry erase face)
  • 3 colored set markers
  • 1 bracket mount
Time Timer MAX

2-pack of double-sided 4 hour/8 hour and 24 hour/Dry Erase Extra Timer Faces and 3-pack of extra Set Markers are sold separately.

Time Timer MAX Time Timer MAX Time Timer MAX Time Timer MAX