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Learn From Home

Let Time Timer help your children learn from home

The Time Timer is a visual timer that displays elapsed time in an easy-to-view format. The website offers a variety of low-cost options such as the Time Timer Desktop App and iPad Appas well as other tangible timers. 

If you’re working on increasing self-regulation strategies and have kiddos or children who are more independent, check out the Time Timer PLUS Watch. Students can slide the watch on their wrist or set it in front of themselves and use it to self-monitor their time. These resources are easily accessible and ready to use in classrooms and homes with the transition to online learning. 

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Uses for Time Timer at home: 

  • Ease transitions from one activity to another
  • Keep routines and schedules consistent at school and home
  • Break larger challenges into smaller tasks or amounts of time
  • Manage breaks from school work 

Find the Time Timer that is best for your student: 


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