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Gift Guide for Teachers, Coaches, and Students

For the teacher that understands (or tolerates) your kids as much as you do

Time Timer 12” MAGNET

Our teacher-favorite 12” Original is in classrooms around the world, helping teachers keep their day and students on track. This beloved Original is also available with magnets on the back, making it a welcome addition to any classroom! And we all know a teacher that loves magnets!

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For the coach that wrangles a bunch of active kids into one cohesive (and possibly winning) team

Time Timer Watch PLUS Large

The Time Timer watch is the perfect tool to help the coach in your life manage those young athletes as they do drills, scrimmage, and all the rest.

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For the student that hates to do homework and the sanity of their teachers

Time Timer PLUS Family

Depending on the age and needs of the student, the PLUS family provides options that help homework time move along a little easier.
• 20 Minute PLUS — allows children to schedule study breaks and get their school work done.
• 60 Minute PLUS — is great tool for students to maximize their Study Hall time.
• 120 Minute PLUS — helps high schoolers with a large work load.

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For the tech savvy teacher with a crazy classroom

Time Timer App

The Time Timer App is available on the Apple Watch, iOS, Android, Chromebooks and Desktop computers. Find the perfect one for your tech savvy teacher! Not only does it help keep the students on track, but it can keep a teacher to his or her lesson plan in the short time they have with students.

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For the anxiety-ridden test-taking high schooler

Time Timer Watch PLUS Small

When it comes to academic performance, test taking can take its toll on the nerves of students. This watch is perfect for keeping focus and attention during practice testing and during the actual test itself, alleviating any stress oriented with “how much time is left” for each section. And, it comes in multiple colors, so students can show up to the test in style.

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