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Gift Guide for Professionals and Friends

For your overworked friend or colleague

Make Time Timer with Make Time Book

This timer is the perfect desktop companion to help make the workday smoother. Sometimes it seems hard to find that time to finish a project between meetings and other interruptions. This timer empowers your friend or colleague to carve out that time they need. And by pairing it with bestselling-author, Jake Knapp’s new book, Make Time, you can really help your friend drive home an easier and smoother work-life balance. Book and Make Time Timer are both available on Amazon.

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For making the caregiver’s life so much easier

Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board

There is a lot to remember when caring for someone with an illness… doctor appointments, when to give medicine, etc. The Dry Erase Board + MOD provides a place to put important reminders for the day. The MOD that fits inside helps take the worry away from the caregiver to remind them when to give the medicine or leave for the appointment.

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For enticing the friend that loves to cook to invite you over for dinner

Time Timer TWIST

With a low price point, magnetic back and flexible time frames, the TWIST is the perfect kitchen addition for that friend who loves to cook.

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For the fashionably late friend

Time Timer Original 3” in blue or green

We all have that friend who can’t seem to make it anywhere on time. They always have the best intentions but... This timer is small, lightweight, and super easy. It even has a cover that doubles as a stand, so it can easily be toted anywhere.

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For the friend or colleague that always comes up with creative and inspiring ideas

Time Timer MOD Sprint Edition

Not only is this timer endorsed by best-selling author and designer of the Sprint methodology, Jake Knapp, but it also comes with a handy quick start guide to the Sprint Process. Want to be an extra good friend or co-worker? Pair it with Jake Knapp’s book available on Amazon here.

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