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Gift Guide for Moms, Dads, and Kids

For the stressed-out cool parent

Time Timer MOD

The Time Timer MOD can really help keep a stressed-out parent keep their cool, and you can get in in their favorite color. Parents use the Time Timer MOD to help:
• Manage screen time
• Make routines run smoothly
• Conquer the morning dash out the door
• Schedule a much-needed coffee break
• and manage homework time.

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For the exhausted new mom

Time Timer PLUS – 120 Minute

There are so many things to remember when there is a baby in the house… whether time to feed, nap time or tummy time. This timer has a flexible time setting (from 5 min to 2 hours) which helps in creating the new baby’s schedule. A special feature provides an optional silent alarm ensuring that baby isn’t disturbed or awoken.

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For the potty-training parents

Time Timer PLUS – 60 Minute

Potty Training is different for every child. Some people swear by schedules and timers. This timer is understood by toddlers, and empowers parents. Set the 60-minute PLUS, and when the timer finishes, the toddler tries to go potty. The potty visit needs to last ten minutes or until the toddler goes potty. The Time Timer PLUS 60-minute includes a convenient carrying handle so they child can take the timer from room to room.

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For the parent of a very special kid

Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board

This timer with Dry Erase board is perfect for the child that needs to know what’s happening next before it happens. By having the space for an agenda, and a timer that clearly sets expectations, this is the perfect gift for someone with special needs. The option for silent alarm ensures that children don’t get distracted or upset when it goes off. For more ideas, check out our Gift Guide for All-Abilities.

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For the children that hate to do homework... and the sanity of their parents

Time Timer PLUS Family

Depending on the age and needs of the student, the PLUS family provides options that help homework time move along a little easier.
• 20 Minute PLUS — allows children to schedule study breaks and get their homework done.
• 60 Minute PLUS — is great tool for students to establish reading times.
• 120 Minute PLUS — helps high schoolers with a large work load.

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