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Tips for Keeping the Family Safe from Foodborne Illness this Summer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

With recent recalls and outbreaks, what are some ways we can ensure safe eating in our own homes?

With the most recent outbreak of Hepatitis A in strawberries, we are reminded of how important safety in food handling can be for the health of our families. Here are some ways to keep you and your kids safe this summer: 

  1. Stay on top food outbreaks and recalls by bookmarking and checking the real-time widget on the FoodSafety.gov, the CDC’s list of outbreaks here, and the USDA’s recalls here. Also, follow @FDArecalls and @USDAFoodSafety on Twitter.  
  2. Follow proper food preparation and preservation in your own home as recommended by the CDC 
  3. Teach and implement proper handwashing to everyone in the family when prepping, eating, and storing food. The Time Timer WASH products can be a helpful tool to ensure everyone is washing their hands long enough for proper food handling.  


A Healthy Habit in the Kitchen: Handwashing  

One of the most important steps in food preparation is proper handwashing. With summer barbecues and kids out of school helping with dinner, it is essential to practice safe habits to prevent foodborne illness. The CDC stresses the significance of washing your hands during these key times while preparing food:  

    • Before, during, and after preparing any food. 
    • After handling uncooked meat, poultry, seafood, flour, or eggs. 
    • Before and after using gloves to prevent germs from spreading to your food and your hands. 
    • Before eating. 
    • After touching garbage. 
    • After wiping counters or cleaning other surfaces with chemicals. 
    • After touching pets, pet food, or pet treats. 
    • After coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. 


Proper Handwashing Habits 

To get the full benefit of handwashing it is important to follow the proper handwashing procedure. Handwashing should include 20 seconds of scrubbing. Time Timer has developed the Time Timer WASH and WASH + Soap Dispenser to assist in proper handwashing in the home.  

The Time Timer® WASH and WASH + Soap Dispenser is helping all ages develop lasting hand washing practices from the very first use. It divides handwashing into 3 simple steps: Soap, Scrub, Rinse. With touchless operation, the WASH timer and WASH + Soap Dispenser further ensures there is no cross contamination in the kitchen.  



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