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Time Timer Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Month

Posted by Jenna Ahern on


Where would any of us be without our teachers?  

From saying our ABCs to doing trigonometry, many of the life skills that we learn had their foundations in educators.  

Since May is officially Teacher Appreciation Month, we thought we would dedicate a blog post to honoring teachers around the world.  


Honoring Teachers Who Go Above and Beyond for Their Students 

One of the things we really love about educators is their willingness to go the extra mile in connecting with students.  

Teachers will often find fun and exciting ways to do this. Most of us have to admit that learning long division was not the most fun thing in the world when you are in third grade. But for some of us, the lessons were made interesting because a teacher was able to get the information across through classroom exercises that kids could enjoy participating in.  

It takes a truly special teacher to make a potentially “boring” subject and render it interesting to students. Kudos to those ultra-talented teachers out there who are always striving to engage with students, and keep students engaged!  


We Appreciate Teachers That Use Our Time Timer Products! 

In just about every school, there are teachers who try to find the best method for teaching students. There is always a great new classroom tool that can be tried out, and such teachers are willing to see if it can improve the classroom experience.  

Our Time Timer products have become one of the most popular and successful classroom tools for teachers everywhere.  

Whether you teach kindergarten or high school seniors, neurotypical or neurodiverse students, you can surely find a place in the classroom and lesson plan to fit in a Time Timer product.  

For instance, a Time Timer MOD timer can be great for small group activities that are timed.  

A Time Timer Original 12” timer can serve as an effective wind-down clock during test-taking. The big red disk that elapses for the duration of the test is much preferable to traditional time-tracking methods.  

For instance, going to the whiteboard and continually writing and erasing the number of minutes that are left on the test. Or, having the kids squint hard at the wall analog clock. A Time Timer timer provides students with readily visible and immediate knowledge of just how much time is left.  

You can also make organizing a lesson plan easier with a Time Timer Dry Erase Board, which can fit a timer within the board itself.  

Thanks once again to all the great teachers out there! If you get a Time Timer product for your classroom, you may very well become your students’ favorite teacher!  


More Great Time Management Products from Time Timer  

Do you have a favorite teacher? What made your favorite teachers so memorable?  

Time Timer products have been essential for creating success in homes and classrooms around the world, with a variety of uses for Time Timer products for people with special needs.  

Check out the rest of the Time Timer products, which includes the Time Timer Wash, a great handwashing aid for creating a healthier school or home environment. 


The Time Timer Blog 

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