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These images prove the Time Timer® MOD can brighten up your summer

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Above all else, the Time Timer MOD is a practical, visual tool that helps you make the most of your time. Sometimes, though, you just want to have a little fun! That's why we have fun, summer colors in the Time Timer® MOD. Don’t think color can improve your mood? These summer images will prove you wrong.

 1.  Beach Chairs

Yup, we wish we were there, too. The green MOD cover can match your tranquil mood and make you feel like you are on your own tropical island, even if you’re standing at your own kitchen island.


2.  Flip Flops

With the MOD, you can imagine yourself enjoying summer in all her open-toed glory, without everyone in your office having to see your jam.


3.  Swimming Pools

Yup, swimming pools. We all love them, and maybe that’s why the Blue MOD® is our most popular color.


4.  Berries

You can have a berry colored MOD® cover to match your smoothie. But like fresh berries, only for a limited time (cover sold separately).


    5.  Cabins

      Bright colors don’t match your summer mood? That’s OK. Like a sweet cabin in the woods, your grey MOD® helps you stay secluded.


      Summer officially begins June 20, and we have a Time Timer MOD deal through June 30! Get 25% off any Time Timer® MOD with discount code MODCOLOR.

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