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The Time Timer Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Family and Home

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


As we usher in the holiday season, we’ve compiled some gift guides for the special people in your life. Our mission at Time Timer is to improve lives through the visual measurement and management of time, creating less stress and more ease for everyone of all abilities, wherever you work, rest, and play. 


Here are our recommendations from the Time Timer family of products to help families “make every moment count”! 

For Families 

The Time Timer PLUS Family. Our Time Timer PLUS family of products are available in 5, 20, 60 and 120 minute durations to coordinate with your activities and your child’s age and attention span. These timers are especially useful for those with sensory sensitivity as they include a volume control, allowing you to turn it off, or set it at a volume that works for you and your family. Our timers are also designed to operate silently – no annoying ticking or noises that can cause anxiety. 



The Time Timer Original 12” MAGNET. This timer is particularly helpful for those with visual impairments, due to the signature red disk. For those with limited visibility, the contrast of the red disk on white is easier to see. This 12” timer allows a size that is accessible to various vision levels, and the magnets on the back offer maximum flexibility for placement in order to cater to various vision capabilities. 



 The Time Timer Original 8The Time Timer is particularly helpful for people who struggle with transitions and self-regulation. Our products have been researched, tested, and proven to help with self-regulation. The 8” is our most popular size, and it’s perfect for being seen throughout the room or house 



At Home 


Time Timer PLUS – 60 Minute. For the young child working on potty training, the Time Timer PLUS 60 Minute can help everyone get on the same page with toilet timing, helping the toddler to understand when it’s time to go potty.



The “Each Minute, Every Moment” book written by Jan Rogers, illustrated by Kendall Rogers. For children learning about routines, they will love to read and sing along as they imagine ways we can use our time each day to make every moment count! Bonus: there’s a FREE song download with the purchase of every book!  


The Time Timer MOD - Home EditionThe newest Time Timer product! The Time Timer MOD you know and love, now in new, limited edition, colors. With the cases sold separately it gives you the ability to customize to your style or home. For the student learner or remote worker, the Time Timer helps to increase focus, even in those that naturally struggle with it. Some people with ADD and ADHD have found that colors really help them manage and organize their time better 


In The Kitchen 


The Time Timer TWIST. This 90-minute timer is a workhorse in the kitchen. With a magnetic back, place it on the rangehood or refrigerator to help keep meal prep on track and the beeper will help you avoid any burned dishes. At an affordable price point, the TWIST is the perfect addition to your kitchen. 





The Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board. For the aspiring cook working on a recipe or meal that has many steps all different times, here’s the perfect setup. List the steps and times for each on the white board and cross them out as you go.  Be sure to read the recipes ahead of time and plan out time in the kitchen accordingly. 

The Time Timer WASH: Pre-order the brand new Time Timer WASH to help you and your children keep clean and healthy. While designed with kids in mind, this timer can help everyone with proper hand washing.  While especially relevant during the pandemic, the WASH will stand the test of time. Get the kids used to it now and they will continue with healthy hand washing practices even as the challenges of today pass us by. Please note: the Time Timer WASH will begin shipping in January 2021.  



Stay tuned for 2020 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 next month! 



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