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Thank you, MOMCON2016

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

We recently returned from MOMCON in Milwaukee, where we shared the Time Timer ® with moms from the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International.


As a family-based company, all of us at Time Timer ® loved being a part of this year’s celebration of inspiration and faith for moms. Before it was a household name, the  original Time Timer® was founded in an everyday household in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio.


Jan Rogers struggled to help her daughter, Loran, keep track of time. She wasn’t old enough to read clocks and often missed the bus. So, mom Jan invented Time Timer, which features a patented red disk that shows elapsed time.


Years later, Time Timer is now an international phenomenon found in many schools, featured by Google Ventures founder Jake Knapp, and loved by professional organizers everywhere.


We came to the MOMCON marketplace to demonstrate how the Time Timer can help moms make the most of their time and maintain schedules and routines at home.


At the marketplace, the moms also demonstrated to us some ways that they are using, or want to use, Time Timer in their homes.


One mom bought a Time Timer watch so that her daughter could keep track of how much time remained before her mom picked her up from preschool.

Another mom bought our bright green MOD for her tweenage daughter to help with homework. Green is her daughter’s favorite color.



Many others were also excited about our new Dry Erase Board, which fits with the MOD. Families can write homework assignments, recipes and to-do lists


Moms of toddlers loved the Each Minute, Every Moment illustrated storybook that teaches about how long different activities usually take.


Moms who are therapists and educators were already familiar with the Time Timer and excited to see us at the marketplace so that families can take advantage of the Time Timer in their homes. Our MOD and PLUS editions have won the Teacher’s Choice Award for the family.  


The Time Timer PLUS was a big seller due to its large size, volume control and rugged durability and portability.





Thanks, MOPS International, for sharing your faith and joy with us! As a thank you, we’re extending our MOPS discount code through Jan. 1, 2017! Just enter the code: MOPS for 25% off your ENTIRE purchase!

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