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Teaching the Value of Time

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

As a Montessori teacher, John empowered his students to share an important responsibility of the classroom – making every moment count.

John began using a Time Timer in his Montessori classroom early in his teaching career. He was helping students discover the world of inventions and inventors when Jan Rogers, inventor of Time Timer, came to share her story with the class.

After the visit, John’s students were excited to put her invention to work at school. They immediately saw the value it brought as they began to time each subject and share the responsibility for transitioning to the next activity. This allowed everyone in the classroom to stay on track and thrive (including John).

Time Timer wasn’t just for work. John would often take a Time Timer outside for recess so the students in his class could fully enjoy every minute of time to play. John credits Time Timer for empowering his students to enjoy their time learning and playing every day.

John understood how to teach the value of time to his students, and he now does the same while working for Time Timer. John says about Time Timer, "There are true fans of Time Timer who have adopted it into multiple aspects of their life. These fans can teach each of us how to make the most of the time we have by sharing their stories."

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