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Teacher Appreciation Month: Three Ideas to Show Teachers That You Care

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


As school winds down for the year around the country, what better time to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month? After the past year that we’ve experienced, it’s more important than ever to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month and let our teachers know that we see them and we care.  


Many teachers are wrapping up their final weeks or months of what will likely be one of the most challenging school years they will have in their careers. Let’s be sure to let the teachers in our lives know how much we appreciate their efforts as they dedicate their time, energy, and passion to guide our kids through their education. 


It has been a unique year for everyone. In education there have been a number of obstacles, not only for parents and children, but for teachers as well who have handled many adjustments throughout the school year.  


This year, their dedication was no different, however, we have all witnessed the efforts of our educators to connect and steward our kids through schoolwork under unusual circumstances. Teachers have found creative ways to teach and engage with their students in virtual, physical, and hybrid learning environments, doubling down to make sure their students wouldn’t fall through the cracks.  


This month, make time to let the teachers in your family’s life know that you appreciate them. It may be as simple as taking that extra minute to stop and say thank you. If you’d like to show your teachers some extra love, here are three ideas: 


1. Engage your kids in creating handmade cards for their teachers, thanking them for helping them during this school year. Add these cards to a small gift bag filled with some local favorites. 
2. Gift your teacher our educator’s favorite, the Time Timer Original 12” 60-Minute Visual Timer! The new and improved Time Timer Original 12” can be seen from across any room (physical and virtual). It has a magnetic back and foldable feet to display it a multitude of ways. Plus, with the included Time Timer Desktop App and a Dry Erase Activity Card for visual schedules, your teacher will be all set to make every moment count.  
3. Send an E-Gift Card from your child. Teachers put lots of their energy (and their own money) into resources and supplies to educate our kids. At the end of the school year, they’re exhausted and a gift card to a restaurant or favorite store in town would be a great gift to show them you appreciate their efforts. 


    Thank you to our teachers!  



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