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Take Time This Holiday Season

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

As the holiday season approaches, we often get wrapped up in preparing for the holiday. This year, remember to take time to enjoy the season and the loved ones who surround you. It is easier said than done, we know that. Here are a few ideas on how Time Timer can help!  

1. Try setting aside time specifically to come together and stop the hustle and bustle. Set a Time Timer MOD – Home Edition for 1 hour and play a game as a family.  
 Time Timer MOD – Home Edition
2. If you are busy try to get things done and have a challenging time finding a stopping point, set the Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute and when the timer goes off you stop what you are doing. Take a break and enjoy a holiday movie with your family after putting 2 good hours of tasks in.  
Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute
3. Stressing over your family seeing your messy house? Make it a game by setting the Time Timer Original 8” for 30 minutes and see how much you and your family can get clean in that amount of time. You will be amazed how much it really is!  
Time Timer Original 8”
4. Let Time Timer help organize your cooking schedule. Using a visual timer can help you anticipate when it is time to start preparing your next dish to go in the oven. (Be sure to practice proper handwashing using the Time Timer WASH to keep you family safe and healthy 😊)   
 Time Timer WASH


    It is the smallest moments that mean the most through the holiday season so be sure to make time for them and have a happy holiday!  



    A Holiday Note from Time Timer President, Heather Rogers  

    Heather Rogers

    From all of us here at Time Timer, happy holidays and best wishes for the year to come. The holidays for me are a time to slow down, reflect and spend some time with my friends and family.  It is a time for traditions, both old and new, that link us together, to our past, our cultures and shared histories as well as anticipation for the future to come.  I’m planning to actively seek those things that I am thankful for and intentionally focus on gratitude. To be honest, I’m always a little irritated that when my cat rubs on my leg, she leaves behind a great deal of fur. I will focus on enjoying her company and audible purr as she brushes against my ankle. Perhaps cat-furry ankles are a small price for that small pleasure.  In all seriousness, however, I plan to be intentional with my gratitude. As we all know, life can be fleeting and horribly unfair. Our job is to figure out how to find the will to put one foot in front of the other and make our way forward despite the challenges. You are stronger than you know. Full disclosure, I do tell myself this on occasion as well. Small moments of thankfulness always help me on my journey. 


    Wishing you the very best for 2022, 




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