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Summer Activities with Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


Summer is here! Many of us are looking forward to quality time with our families and a vacation or two to get out of town and adventure further afield. With kids out of school, it’s important to find ways to keep kids having fun when you’re staying in town too. While we would all love to take summers off entirely like our kids, here are a few ideas to bring the fun to your crew at home this summer with a little help from Time Timer. 


1. Dig out the lawn games 

The days are warmer, the hours are longer… who doesn’t love to spend summer days outside? With kids always on the go looking for something fun to do, lawn games are always a winner, be it the classics or newer inventions. Set up a court out back for some bocce and croquet. Take the net to the beach and set up for some volleyball. Find a favorite for your family and you’ll keep your kids engaged for hours. Need to let everyone know how much time is left before coming in for meals or to take a break out of the sun? Want to use a visual timer as your countdown on a time-limited game? Set up the Time Timer MAX, a large timer that can countdown from as few as 5 minutes to as high as 24 hours.  


2. Let kids make their own fun! 

Sometimes the less structure, the better. Kids love exploring and running around with their friends. Let them find their own fun as much as they can, allowing their creativity to flourish without too many boundaries around them. Be sure they’re careful but other than that, leave it up to them. You’ll be amazed with what they can come up with. And also how dirty they always seem to get! For the younger ones still in some need of assistance with hygiene (as well as the whole family spending more time outdoors!), use the Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser to make sure they clean up well after a day out having fun. 


3. Slow down with our Time Time Activity Worksheets 

Need to cool off? Looking to slow things down a bit? Whip out our activity worksheets to help you introduce your kids to a variety of activities. Our illustrated Yoga Activity Cards are a great way to introduce young children to some basic yoga poses. Grab your favorite Time Timer and set the timer for savasana for relaxing quiet time to finish up a family yoga practice. Or try our Science Time: fun in the sun! if you’re looking for a fun learning activity for young kids.  

We hope you enjoy the next few months with the kids off from school and make the most of the longer days ahead. Remember to Make Every Moment Count! 


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