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Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


As the days grow longer, we’re looking forward to celebrating the official start of summer. Ready to get outside and take advantage of the warmer weather? Here are a few fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. 


1. Plan a fun road tripAfter the past year of staying home to stay safe, are you ready for an adventure? Rent an RV or pack up the camping gear!  


You could also take advantage of the three days this summer that the National Park Service will be offering free entrance (Aug 4, Aug 25, Sep 25). Plan your trip around these anchor dates and explore somewhere new with the family.  
U.S. 4th graders and family members can get free access to over 2,000 federal lands and waters through the Every Kid Outdoors initiative. And since many fourth graders missed out on using their free pass during the 2019-2020 school year, vouchers are available for 5th grade students and their families through August 31, 2021!  
Fun tip for young kids: ask about the Junior Ranger Program. Most National Parks offer this program where your child can earn their Ranger Badge by completing a number of fun activities that help them learn about the site you are visiting.  



2. Support your local sports teams. If you don’t live in a big market with a top-level team, there’s a good chance you have a minor league team in your area and they would love you to cheer them on.  


Most minor league teams rely on gate revenues to cover operating costs and with the previous season mostly lost to the pandemic, they’re looking to turn things around. Many minor league franchises focus on a mix of family friendly-friendly programming. Beyond the game, intermissions and time between innings are often filled with entertainment for the kids, from kids racing with the mascots, to characters wrestling in blow-up costumes.  
Not totally comfortable being in the stands with so many people? Most minor league stadiums have grassy picnic areas to gather with the family and spread yourselves out. Be sure to bring your ball glove or soccer ball to throw or kick it around when there is a lull in the action.  
3. Put your green thumb to work. What’s better than cooking a delicious meal with veggies grown in your backyard? Answer: nothing! 
Gardening is a fun way to get the family involved in growing food and cooking together. Plant raised beds with your favorite vegetables and grow some special varieties you won’t find in the grocery store. Plant an herb garden to have fresh herbs on hand whenever you need them to add some flavor to your meals or drinks. On hot days, maybe surprise the kids by watering them instead of the plants! 



4. Go with the tried-and-true backyard cookout. Just want something simple? Fire up the grill, get out the lawn games and gather the friends and family. As many of us slowly and safely add our social gatherings back into regular life, grilling out can be a great way to do what makes you feel the most comfortable.  


If you have the kids helping out at the grilling station, the Time Timer® Wash will definitely come in handy to ensure you avoid cross-contamination of foods and remind kids to wash their hands. Set it up by the sink and be sure everyone washes up before sitting down to eat. 



Whatever you get up to this summer, we hope you enjoy this season with family and Make Every Moment Count! 



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