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Sharing Gratitude With Your Family

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


As the days continue to get shorter, we are quickly approaching the holiday season. With Thanksgiving only a week away, we’re exploring a few ways to share gratitude with our families through the next month and into the new year.  

Cultivating gratitude is a lifelong practice that allows us to grow our appreciation for ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. It helps us to more easily access contentment and joy in our lives.  

Many of us are looking forward to getting together in person this holiday season, where it’s possible to safely gather with our loved ones. Having spent so much time apart from each other over the past year, some of the simplest ways to show gratitude for our loved ones is simply by spending time with one another.   

Here are a few ways to make every moment count and enjoy this holiday season with your family. 


1. Get Outside 

Take a hike with the family. Get out of the house and leave all the distractions behind (maybe bring one phone in case you get lost!). Enjoying nature helps us to feel more connected with the world around us and to find moments of awe and appreciation.  

Plus, checking out a new trail or view together as a family is a great way to make some memorable experiences. Getting out in the woods is also a great time for uninterrupted conversations, sharing your gratitude for those you adventure with and the environment that you live in. Use your time well! 


2. Share the Love 

When we share our gratitude with the people in our lives, we positively impact our lives and others. Encourage your family members to write a list of everyone they appreciate in their life, and then think about how they can share their appreciation.  

It might be dropping off a meal, meeting up for a walk, giving them a call, writing them a letter, or anything at all they think the person would appreciate. You might also make this a family activity by making homemade crafts or baked treats and going together to drop off your gifts. 


3. Cook Together 

A tried and true way to spend time with your loved ones, and the main feature for many Thanksgiving gatherings. However, quality time creating meals together is a wonderful activity throughout the entire holiday season, and it’s delicious too. Invite each member of the family to choose their favorite meal, including all the sides, and add a cooking night to the calendar to let them lead the family through the entire prep and cooking of their chosen meal. Don’t forget your Time Timer to keep everything on track! 

When you sit down together to enjoy your meal, take time for everyone at the table to share what they are grateful for. Even if you don’t love everyone else’s choices, working together to make special meals together is a true joy and expression of love. Be sure to go all out when it’s your turn to plan the menu. And definitely don’t forget dessert! 


After the uncertain year we have all faced, we wish you a joyful and loving holiday season.  



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