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Setting Yourself Up for Success in the New Year with Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


“New Year, new me.”  

This phrase is repeated often around New Year’s Day, and it is pretty much a certified cliché at this point to declare that a new you will be emerging in the new year.  

However, do not let that distract from the fact that plenty of people are taking their New Year’s Resolutions seriously. Will you be one of these people?  

The key is to get a jump-start on your new-year goals sooner rather than later, so planning ahead to be more productive in the new year can ensure that there will indeed be a new you. Read on for some of our tips for effectively planning for new-year productivity.  


Get a Handle on Procrastination with an “Anti-Planner” 

Procrastination tends to stem from feeling overwhelmed by what you have planned for yourself. Having to get work done and arrange to do said work are consequences of setting goals, but procrastination and negative thinking are not.  

However, so many people struggle with procrastination, distraction, lost motivation, and boredom when it comes to facing down difficult tasks ahead.  

This is where an anti-planner can be of use.  

Dani Donavan’s Anti-Planner book can guide you through your New Year’s resolution by offering fun, unconventional, and ultimately helpful solutions designed to directly address the negative emotions and behaviors, such as stress and avoidance, that impede new-you progress.  


Track Your Progress to Stay Honest with Yourself 

Whether your goal requires daily action or is just a weekly activity, logging your progress can be a good way to stay focused. 

It is also a good way to stay honest with yourself. It can be easy to fall into a routine of going through the motions without actually improving much.  

Keep a journal to record your thoughts and whether you think you are getting ahead or falling behind. A daily “honesty test” can help you focus on what you need to do to reach your goal, and discourage any slacking or self-deception.  

For example, if you want to learn a new language, then testing yourself on a frequent basis is a great way to see whether you are actually meeting your goal, or are just fulfilling an obligation you set on New Year’s Day.  


Make Sure You Carve Out the Time to Focus on Your Goal 

A Time Timer product can be great for this. If you want to do thirty minutes of yoga a day in your living room, then setting up a visual timer in the room can be the motivator you need to stick to your half-hour yoga session.  

This is a great way to cut out distractions and the urge to just stop and do something else. By telling yourself, “I am going to do [goal-directed activity] until the red disk runs out”, you will be much more likely to stick with your goals.  

A great Time Timer product for conquering the New Year is the Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute MAKE TIME Edition visual timer, which comes with a durable and portable visual timer as well as a notepad that is specifically designed for helping you get the most out of your time, day in and day out.  


More Great Time Management Products from Time Timer  

Time Timer products have been essential for creating success in homes and classrooms around the world, with a variety of uses for Time Timer products for people with special needs.   

Check out the rest of the Time Timer products, which includes the Time Timer Wash, a great handwashing aid for creating a healthier school or home environment. 


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