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Seize the Day With Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

A New Year calls for a fresh approach to time management 

If you’re like all of us here at Time Timer®, we’re glad 2020 is in the rearview mirror. Taking a fresh approach to the New Year is always a good policy. Setting goals and making plans are always smart ways to get back on-track, along with a renewed focus on personal and professional growth. But THIS New Year, it seems more important than everKeeping track of your time is part of taking control of your plans – and Time Timer’s suite of new products can help. So, here’s to doing our best, and moving onward and upward in 2021  we hope you’ll join us! 


When taking stock of your work, family, and school routines; consider a two-pronged approach to managing everything on your plate. First, take a bird’s eye viewThen, list your priorities. A productive, fulfilling life is not about being crazy-busy and ticking off all the boxes. Instead, give yourself a chance to consider your own goals and use the time you have to create the life you truly want. It’s all about YOUR family’s priorities and needs, no one else’s. Life can be complicated. Caring for relatives, helping children with schoolwork, or completing a difficult work task may be part of your story. It’s all in a day’s work for many of us.  


While we’re at it, we have to stay hyper-focused on keeping COVID away and washing hands, all while teaching our kids proper handwashing technique. Enter the all-new Time Timer WASH. This beautiful, water-resistant timekeeping tool visually breaks down a handwashing session into three easy segments – Soap (five seconds), Scrub (20 seconds), and Rinse (five seconds). Your kids will think it’s a fun game, and you won’t lose your mind telling them to go back in the bathroom and wash AGAIN. Sanity saved.  


This LCD handwashing timer includes the option of music during the session, as well. The Time Timer WASH is made to may sit on the bathroom counter, suction to a mirror, or easily nail to the wall. No matter a person’s age or abilities, the all-new Time Timer WASH is a helpful tool in “showing” anyone the proper amount of time to wash their hands.  


When it comes to the bigger stuff of life, Time Timer helps with that too. Taking those priorities, responsibilities, and everyday tasks, and breaking them down into manageable chunks of time is the key. And if you’re visual learner, like many adults and children, the Time Timer can be your hero. Our innovative timekeeping tools will help keep you, your family, and children stay focused on what’s most important throughout the day.  


When it comes to the issue of schooling our kids in 2021, some are back in the classroom, others are learning in “virtual” classrooms, while others are committed to a full homeschool curriculum. Regardless of your family’s school status this year, Time Timer can be a big help with teaching kids the basics of time management in meeting academic goals. The brand-new Time Timer MOD® Home Edition helps keep kids on-task and focused in a range of cool colors for any personality. Like all Time Timer products, it provides an easy way for kids (or anyone!) to “see” how long they need to do homework or complete an assignment.  


Many families with children who have autism, ADHD, or other special needs or learning differences have found Time Timer to be an essential tool in managing daily life. Some people with autism, ADHD, or other learning challenges have difficulty with the concept of time. To help with this, Time Timer “shows” time segments clearly with its high-contrast, easy-to-read face and a red disk that “disappears” as a set amount of time elapses. Not only is Time Timer a powerful tool for visual thinkers of all ages and abilities, it can be helpful with schedule transitions and time management for individuals on the autism spectrum. 


If you want Time Timer to be a primary focal point in your kitchen, office, or classroom, check out the new and improved Time Timer Original 8”. We’ve made a good thing even better by enlarging the 60-minute timer’s patented red disk, adding a FREE download of the Time Timer Desktop Appand including a Dry Erase Activity Card. Strong magnets allow the Time Timer Original 8" to be displayed on a marker board, refrigerator, file cabinet, or any metallic surface. It may also stand alone, or hang on a wall! This is the original visual timer, invented by Jan Rogers more than 25 years ago. If you need something even a bit larger, we have a 12-inch Time Timer, as well!  


Proven through years of experience and clinical research, the Time Timer can help people of all ages and abilities "see" time, therefore increasing focus and self-regulation. As you embrace 2021 and make plans for a purposeful, fulfilling life on your terms, Time Timer® is your partner in productivity. Check out everything Time Timer has to offer you, your family, or students – and go forward in 2021 with renewed focus! 



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