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Personal Time for Parents with Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


As unpredictable as this year has been, and continues to be, taking time for yourself might have dropped off your priority list.  

This is especially true and quite the herculean task for parents with kids running around the house, juggling remote work, and at-home learning. 

However, personal time is important for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, increases resilience, and helps us to be happy, healthy individuals, partners, parents, and friends.  


As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. When you take good care of yourself, it allows you to take good care of those you love as well.  

If you’ve already integrated the Time Timer into the at-home learning schedule for your children, congratulations! You’ve got a bit of a head start. 


If you’re new to Time Timer, we’re here to help! Check out some of our recent blog posts on the importance of routines for your kids, particularly with regards to helping with schooling and as well as helping establish a new sense of normalcy in these uncertain times. 

Ready to build in some space for personal time on the schedule? 


How to use the Time Timer to create a little “me time”: 


It is important to set aside time for yourself throughout the day to decompress from the stresses of teaching or monitoring classes, working remotely, and managing the household.  


Take a look at your home schedule and find some time that you can block out for you. Make it official and add it to the calendar just as you would for any other appointments or meetings! 

When it’s your time block, set up a Time Timer for a half-hour (or the appropriate time for your child’s age), and let your child know that it’s quiet time or independent playtime until the timer runs out.  


Older kids might choose their own activities, but for younger kids, organize a few activities that you only offer and set up for them during these time blocks to make it novel and fun. Then, enjoy some time to read a chapter of a book you’ve been slowly plugging away at, do a face mask, or catch up on your favorite podcast.  


Of course, for younger kids especially, you will need to supervise and gauge their ability to play alone and how long it will last, but eventually, this routine will catch on and real alone time for yourself will be possible. 


Introducing younger kids to the concept of personal time will not only help you have a little space to take care of your needs, but it also encourages children in independent play, and lets kids know that it’s okay for them to need some alone time as well.  


You can also make “me time” something your child looks forward to by following up after the time block with some quality time, such as reading books, playing their favorite game, kicking a ball around, or enjoying a special treat together.  

We hope you take a look at your family schedule, get creative, and create some time to take care of you!  



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