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Organizing Your Time in the New Year

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


For many, the new year is an opportunity to focus on cultivating new habits and improving our daily routines so that we can feel our best. A common goal is to get organized and focus on improving our time management skills so we can make every moment count and gain more time to simply enjoy our lives. 

With this in mind, we’re sharing a few organizational tools to help you get started. Of course, these tools will support you any time of the year, and it’s never too late to try something new! 

1. Think big picture. 

Wall calendars can be incredibly helpful to see a visual of the year ahead. Gather the family or your roommates at the start of each month and map out the big events or tasks that are coming up. By talking through what lies ahead, you and your immediate crew can get on the same page and help hold each other accountable.  

You may like to discuss whether or not to mark out tasks when completed. This method makes it clear when something gets missed like giving your dog their monthly preventatives. Support your favorite non-profit or publication with their year-end fundraising calendars. 


2. Break it down.  

To keep track of more weekly and daily tasks, planners are a great way to stay on top of the day-to-day and weekly schedules in more detail. Take a look at a Time Timer perennial favorite, the Bullet Journal, described as a “mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system” and particularly helpful for those with learning disabilities. Creator Ryder Carroll was diagnosed with learning difficulties in early life and developed the Bullet Journal methodology through his own experiences in finding alternate ways to be focused and productive.  

For other planner recommendations, check out our general-purpose or academic-focused planner favorites (yes, the Bullet Journal features in both!). 


3. Find your focus.  

And finally, our bread and butter… helping you manage the time right in front of you! Grab the Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute and set up your work or study area. Get to work and use your Time Timer to practice test-taking in the allotted time, plan your study or work breaks, practice meditation, or for any other time-keeping needs you may have. If you’d like to update your collection, check out the new Time Timers we’re releasing in 2022. 

On the go and don’t have your Time Timer on hand? Download the Time Timer App, available to download for phones, tablets, and desktops (available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows). 


We hope these tips can help you in the year ahead or any time you’re looking to improve your skills in time management and focus. Staying organized can help settle our minds, and allow us to focus on the special moments we are here to cherish. 



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