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On This Global Handwashing Day, Unite for Universal Hand Hygiene

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


Every year, we celebrate Global Handwashing Day at Time Timer.

Each year brings something new to the table, as you can see in our previous blogs on the topic. For example, last year’s (2021) Global Handwashing Day focused on the theme of “Our Future Is at Hand — Let’s Move Forward Together”, a timely theme given the pandemic circumstances.

Global Handwashing Day 2022 has another theme on offer, which has already been featured in our title: Unite for Universal Hand Hygiene. One of the priorities related to this theme is introducing proper hand washing techniques in many areas, from schools to healthcare facilities, workplaces, and beyond. Basically, any public setting where there is a chance of many people meeting together—and possibly spreading germs.

Practicing good hand hygiene in institutional and public settings can be a key to keeping the population healthy, whether there is a pandemic going on or not.


Proper Handwashing

Proper handwashing is unlikely to resemble what most people get in the habit of doing before sitting down for a meal or after using the bathroom.

It involves more than just a splash of water, or squirting soap on your hand and then furiously scrubbing for a little bit.

The process, as outlined by the CDC, ought to take 30 seconds.

1. It first involves running your hands under the water for five seconds.
It is suggested that you then turn the water off, which is helpful for the environment as well as cost-saving when it comes to your water bill.
2. With your hands wet, squirt soap onto your hands. Proceed to “lather” (i.e., scrub soapy wet hands together) for 20 seconds.
It is this 20-second interval where the germs are taken care of, as lather has been proven to play the central role in knocking germs off hands.
When people put soap onto their hands and immediately scrub under the water, they basically rinse the soap off as soon as it gets on. This makes for less effective hand washing. Instead, applying soap to already-wet hands is the key to getting rid of germs.
3. Once you have finished your 20-second lather, all that is left is a 5-second rinse, where you get the lather off of your hands.

Teaching this method to schoolchildren, employees, and in any public setting can be instrumental in creating healthier environments for all.


How the Time Timer WASH Can Help People Unite for Universal Hand Hygiene

Our Time Timer WASH is specially-designed to offer instructions for proper hand washing for users of all age groups and abilities.

With a hands-free start (simply wave your hand in front of the timer), users will have an easy visual countdown to keep track of their hand washing. This hands-free feature makes it ideal for public settings, so people will not get their pre-wash germs onto it.

This can not only be good for introducing proper hand washing technique to kids in school, but it can also make it easier for adults as well, who will not have to engage in a mental count as they wash.

Our Time Timer WASH models come in a few forms. Our complete package includes the Time Timer WASH and a 10oz soap dispenser, which can save you the worry of having to install a soap dispenser.

However, if you already have a soap dispenser, you can spring for the Time Timer WASH timer, which is smaller and more portable.

No matter what Time Timer WASH you go for, you are sure to see an improvement in hand washing habits in your school, workplace, or wherever you install it!


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