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Making Moments Count in the Restaurants of Jean-Robert De Cavel

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

Jean-Robert De Cavel is a French Master celebrity chef and a huge fan of Time Timer. When we asked him to be a part of our 25th Anniversary Celebration, we weren’t sure what to expect. However, he walked into the photoshoot fully prepared – with all his outfits, ready to be photographed, and, man, was he passionate. Chefs are meant to be passionate – they are known for being passionate – but maybe not so much about the Time Timer. And for that, he was.

In December, Jean-Robert De Cavel publicly announced that he is fighting leiomyosarcoma, an aggressive soft tissue cancer. He was diagnosed in May. This meant that he was fighting it during the photoshoot, unbeknownst to anyone outside of his close circle of family and friends. We would have never known with his energy and charisma. We wish him all best in his battle and hope for a speedy recovery!

This is a man that creates creative dishes known throughout the world, and not surprisingly, has also come up with creative ways to use the Time Timer. Below is his Time Timer Story.


Jean-Robert de Cavel’s daughter was quite young when a friend gave him his first Time Timer. Around his busy home, he found several successful uses for the visual timer with the big red disk — including helping his daughter with her homework. She stayed on track, and he didn’t have to constantly watch the time for her. Then one day, a light bulb went off — he imagined the endless possibilities for Time Timer in his world-class kitchens. So, he packed it up and took it to the restaurant.

Today, Time Timer helps the front-of-house staff and kitchen staff communicate accurately and silently at Jean-Robert’s six restaurants. Everything from eggs to bread is timed down to the second to ensure they are prepared to perfection before placed on customers’ plates. And, the visibility of the timer and optional alarm keeps the kitchen quiet, preserving the restaurant’s ambience.

Jean-Robert has used a Time Timer both at home and work, and he depends on it to provide precise communication without saying a word.


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