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Make Early Learning Easier with the Time Timer Learning Center Classroom Set

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


For many people, looking back on their kindergarten invites a blur of memories, none perhaps too solid. If you were to think about what exactly you did or learned, you may be at a loss. ABCs, colors, and all the other basics were in your learning curriculum, surely, but can you remember how you learned it all? 

If the memories are flowing back to you, then you likely recall group-based activities and lots of them. 

There is a certain population of adults who do not have to pull feats of memory to recall what kinds of activities kindergartens and other early education students do. Those people are early education teachers, whose workdays consist of teaching kids through group activities. 

These are often accomplished through setting up learning centers, where students go from one activity to the next, completing the task at hand in a certain timeframe so that each group has a chance to learn at each “station” that the teacher set up. 

Each activity being time-sensitive, and most of the people involved in the activity still perhaps too young to have a good handle on time management, you can certainly bet that a Time Timer can certainly make learning centers much better for, well, learning. 

In this particular situation, the Time Timer for you is the Time Timer Learning Center Classroom Set. 


A Time Timer for Many Activities 

All Time Timer visual timers have the express purpose of making time-based activities easier to handle for people of all ages and abilities. One of the big differences across our many Time Timer models is that they are fit for different contexts and purposes, and our Learning Center Classroom Set is specifically designed to fit right into the context of a learning center or classroom station, specifically those in early education classrooms. 

The Time Timer Learning Center Classroom Set features: 

    • Three Original 8" visual timers in three different colors 
    • Three dry erase cards for 1:1 Activity Management  
    • One free download of the Time Timer Desktop App  
    • Bi-fold guide for using center timers in the early learning classroom 
    • Silent operation with an optional audible alert at end of the timing  
    • Magnetic back and fold-up feet  
    • Protective lens with center-set knob   
    • Each timer requires 2 AA/1.5V batteries (not included) 


Benefits of This Set’s Features 

These features allow for a range of activities, from one-on-one teaching to class-size activities, which can accurately reflect the types of activities that go on during the day in learning centers. 

When you are dealing with a group of students with varying needs, having these multiple timers in the center can be useful for splitting off students into different activities for a set amount of time, so that everyone knows when their individual activity is over. 

In the case of early education, the different colors of the three timers can help kids better grasp the color curriculum. 

Another helpful aspect of the Time Timers is that it helps the group of children focus, as they can all acknowledge the time they have left and feel motivated to finish the activity as a result. 


Setting Up the Time Timer Learning Center Classroom Set 

Setting up this particular Time Timer set is easy, and the simplicity of the timers can make them easy to use for early education students. 

The three Time Timer visual timers are magnetic and can be attached to any metallic material, such as a marker board or file cabinet. They can also be hung up, so you can attach them to just about any wall. 

If you prefer, you can stand up the timer as well so one is placed middle of each station, in clear view of everyone present. 

The multiple colors also allow you to color-code activities, so that students will know which activity they are on, and which activity is next, with the immediate visual cue of color coding. 

Additionally, the three dry erase activity cards can be used to write the activity names, along with instructions and goals, so that students know what to focus on, and will not spend precious activity time asking the teacher questions. 

Once you have it all set up, all that is left is to get your students to the stations, get the timers started, and let the learning commence! 


More Time-Management Solutions for the Classroom 

For more classroom-related solutions from Time Timer, and our teacher-approved Time Timers, check out our page on Time Timer in Education! 


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