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It’s Time to Begin the Back-to-School Transitions

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Educators use the Time Timer ® in schools across the country to help their students stay on track. But did you know the inventor of Time Timer originally designed it to help parents keep their kids on time for school?

That’s right; we love to help everyone make the most of their time, at school, at home and at work. Here are some tips for you to start the school year smoothly at home.

  1. Count down the days. For younger kids, I love this paper chain that helps keep track of the days without needing to know numbers.
  2. Ease back into your bedtime routine. If your kids have been staying up later because the sun’s out, and well, they can, move the bedtime gradually to avoid grumpy kids.
  3. Eat dinner on the same schedule each night. Who wants to come straight in from work, or maybe the swimming pool, and cook dinner? Not me! When school starts, however, the dinner routine will be a crucial part of establishing the daily routine, allowing for adequate time before bedtime.
  4. Set a Time Timer to give your children--or yourself-- a visual reminder of how much time remains before dinner.
  5. Track how much time it takes to get ready in the morning, and adjust wake time, and/or expectations, accordingly. Rehearse your morning routine so that everyone will be out the door on time.
  6. Re-establish the wake up call. The 7:30 a.m. bus will be there, whether you and your kids are ready or not. Start now setting up a routine you can follow to wake your kids. And don’t forget to adjust the bed time to match. The Time Timer Dry Erase Board helps children remember to stay on task and get ready in the morning before school.
  7. Limit screen time. Maybe you’ve already limited screen time all summer--props to you! If you haven’t, the Time Timer is a great way to help kids monitor their own screen time. Since it’s highly visible with a contrasting red disk, it works for kids with hearing loss or with low vision. The quiet beep when time elapses keeps their mind at ease--no stressful beeps!

Soon enough, school will be here, and you’ll need your Time Timer to help with homework! Until then, enjoy summer!

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