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Introducing the Updated Time Timer® Android App!

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

The classic Time Timer® Android App has been updated and improved! This digital version of the original visual timer is now compatible with Chromebook, making it a natural fit for Google Education classrooms and many other uses!



Teachers have always loved the Time Timer, and now it’s available for more classrooms than ever before! Just as easy to use as the original app, the updated version is now more compatible with more devices -- costing just $2.99 on Google Play.


With the updated Time Timer Android App, you can create and save timers for your everyday activities. Customizable settings allow you to end the designated time with an alarm, a vibration, or silence. Name, color and customize your timers, save them for later use, or create a timer fast with Quick Start. The easy to read digital timers can be viewed full-screen, or you can run and view up to four timers at once.


The colored disk disappears as the time elapses, making the Time Timer Android App the perfect way to show the passing of time. Ideal for students who are learning the concept of time, and a useful tool for those with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Time Timer Android App is also helpful at home or at the office, to keep everyone on track and on time.


Ensure your Chromebook device supports Android apps by finding model information, here.

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