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How Time Timer Brought Peace to One Family After an Autism Diagnosis

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

Terri and Bayley: One Step at a Time

Terri found Time Timer when she was searching for ways to help her son, Bayley, in his daily life. Bayley is on the autism spectrum and can have difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next. So, when Terri discovered the remarkably simple Time Timer (when Bayley was just 4 years old), she imagined all of the ways it could improve his life. Sixteen years later, Time Timer has over-delivered on her expectations.

When paired with a visual schedule, Terri says the Time Timer has made a huge difference in Bayley’s life. He’s quick to engage with homework and chores, and Terri loves that the timer tells him when it’s time to stop and start, so she can be more of a mom and less of a timekeeper.

“The Time Timer makes me feel peaceful, and less-stressed at home. It makes a big difference when you’re raising a child with autism, and you can suddenly breathe. It is a life-saver,” Terry tell us. 

As Terri meets other parents of children with special needs, she’s quick to promote her favorite timer with the little red disk. She’s even been known to hand them out to prove her point. It’s this enthusiasm that causes Terri to proclaim herself a Time Timer evangelist.

The Story Doesn’t End at Home: Time to Expand Horizons

Terri, along with her husband, own and operate a cabinetmaking business in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to typical business responsibilities, they feel a deep responsibility to their community. So, they’ve made space for adults with disabilities on their team. These passionate, focused employees are fully able to contribute to the daily operations and production of making beautiful cabinetry.

As each member of the team was onboarded, Terri turned to Time Timer to help make the transition to a new role and new responsibilities smooth. With the Time Timer Original 12" hanging in each workspace, new employees feel empowered to make every minute count.

This is one of the ways that Terri and her family help support the community, but there are many ways to do so. For more ideas on how to support your community, check out our blog on 4 Easy Ways to Support People with Disabilities.

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