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Give the Gift of Time Management this Holiday Season!

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


We all know time itself is valuable and always at a premium – especially around the holidays. For many of us, this year’s holiday celebrations bring a welcome change compared to the pared down, friend and family get-togethers of 2020. We’re all generally coming together more, at least within our own family and friend circles. And that feels great! 

As mid-November approaches, you already may be pulling together plans and ideas for affordable holiday gift giving. This year in particular, there’s no better time to make gift giving decisions and purchases ASAP! We are living in a time when shipping delays and supply chain kinks are the norm. This may provide even more motivation to jump in, create your gift giving lists right away, and get clicking online to use your time as wisely as possible! 

No matter a person’s age, season of life, or role at work or home; time management is an important part of everyday and accomplishing goals. Learning better time management skills also is something many people want to pursue – perhaps a New Year’s resolution idea! Recognizing the importance of time in the lives of all your friends and family can become part of your holiday gift giving in 2021. All of us at Time Timer have a range of idea starters to consider for anyone on your list who may appreciate a new approach to time management! 


Home Chefs 

Are you amazed by all the wonderful dishes that come out of your brother’s kitchen? Does he bring the best pies to Thanksgiving? Is your friend who loves to bake bringing along her young children to learn all the tricks of the trade? Every home chef can benefit from using a Time Timer visual timer in the kitchen. Children who are learning alongside parents will better understand the passage of time when they glace at Time Timer’s disappearing dial. That may make it a little easier for an eager chef-in-training to understand when those cookies are coming out of the oven. Plus, all the awesome colors we offer are sure to put a fun extra touch on the kitchen counter. Check out Time Timer MOD® - Home Edition for a fun pop of color anywhere!  

If you want to gift a Time Timer visual timer, but your home cook friend’s countertop is always so cluttered, the Time Timer TWIST® is perfect for them! This sleek timer with a digital disappearing disc has a magnetic back – just right for the oven door, refrigerator, or another metal surface in their kitchen. Unlike our other Time Timer visual timers, the TWIST has a continuous alert when a timeframe is completed – so that sweet potato pie won’t burn. 



Whether you have a young child, high schooler, or college student on your list – Time Timer is the perfect complement to any homework or studying routine. Time blocking is a smart strategy that works for many people when it comes to planning study time. And when it comes to students who have learning differences or ADHD, using the Pomodoro Technique can prove especially helpful. Tackling a significant study session over a few hours may seem really daunting, and even lead to a lack of results. Yet, when a student can view their study and homework time as manageable “chunks” of time, instead of overwhelming timeframes, they’re likely to approach reading, homework, and studying with a different mindset. 


Adults with ADHD 

If you have a friend or family member who always seems to get distracted or never can seem to complete tasks, Time Timer may be the perfect gift for them! Or, maybe you have a friend diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) who is looking for new ways to structure their time and be more productive throughout the day. Time Timer is the perfect gift for them! Time management techniques provide some of the best tools for reducing the stress and anxiety that often come into play for adults with ADHD. 

It is common for an adult with ADHD to become quickly overwhelmed with work or household tasks on their list. These individuals may also have a tendency to procrastinate and lean toward perfectionism, as well. All of these attributes may lead to frustration, disappointment, and lack of productivity. An especially effective tactic for adults (or anyone) with ADHD is establishing a realistic amount of time for each particular task. Gifting Time Timer, the original visual timer, can make a huge impact on your efforts. Glancing at the disappearing red disc on Time Timer’s face is a quick way to visualize any remaining time - and stay on task! 




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