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Daily Workouts With a TWIST

Posted by Heather Rogers on


Most of us have limited time to get everything done each day, including taking some time for physical activity.  That’s true for me…and generally I put my time in during the early morning before my kids wake up.  You can imagine what would happen if I lost track of time working out: my kids would be late to school and I’d be late for work or miss a meeting.  No one would eat breakfast…you can see the catastrophe unfold, right?  To combat my irrational fear of lateness, I use the Time Timer TWIST® on the white board in our workout area to make sure I don’t lose track of time. 

Even if you just have 15 minutes for exercise, take it.  Even on my busiest mornings, I’ve found that I can successfully set my alarm 15 minutes earlier and use that time to get some movement in before my day starts.  I usually feel pretty good when I do.  The best days are when I find myself with earbuds in, dancing alone to my Spotify® Pumped Pop channel with a few of my precious minutes in the morning.  I happily declare that dancing to count for cardio! 

There’s a growing amount of thinking about exercise that focus on flexibility with the time required, keeping in mind that any movement is better than none.  All of it is a step in the right direction towards better health and feeling good.   


Check these articles out for fast or throughout the day movement options:

  •  The exercise “Snack” from the New York Times – 7 minute standing workout and ways to increase your movement that can be done anytime, anywhere (even on that conference call):  

  • Stephen Rader, an old colleague of mine from years ago is a fan of micro workouts and is decidedly not a fan of having specialized attire to work out.  Steve’s exercise philosophy doesn’t require equipment and is easily adapted to any fitness level, as you can see in his blog post 

  • Still need convincing?  Here’s an article from Nike, that also espouses brief bursts of exercise and cites some studies.  I love this concrete example: running up and down a flight of stairs twice counts for a micro workout, but taking the stairs at a regular pace instead of the elevator does not. 


I’d like to sum it all up with Steve’s final words from his blog: Now that you know how simple it can be, you can do it anywhere, any time, at any age.  But most importantly, just do it!  I’ll just add make sure you’ve got some decent deodorant on if you’re exercise snacking at work… 



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