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Coming Soon: The Time Timer WASH Handwashing Timer!

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


Here at Time Timer, we have some exciting news to share – The Time Timer WASH is coming soon!  

Being clean has never been so important. Time Timer, the visual timer teachers and students have grown to trust over the past 25 years, can now help keep our kids safe with our newest product, the Time Timer WASH.  

The visual timer for handwashing will be available for preorder on timetimer.com on October 15th, Global Handwashing Day.  

Clean Hands for the Greater Good: Global Handwashing Day 

Global Handwashing Day is a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap to prevent diseases and save lives, especially given the current COVID-19 pandemic.  

“We consider the safety of children and educators first and foremost while hoping for the opportunity for students to return to the schools,” says Heather Rogers, Co-President of Time Timer. “There is little doubt that handwashing is important in keeping our families and loved ones safe at this time, and frequent handwashing will be a critical component of every institution’s safety plan.” 

The Time Timer Wash Handwashing Timer Is Packed With Kid-Friendly Features 

The Time Timer WASH features a touchless IR operation to ensure hands get clean and stay clean with a simple wave of the hand to begin the timer. Don’t worry about a little splashing – the WASH is water-resistant.  

The WASH displays a 30-second disappearing LCD disk, showing how much time remains for completely clean hands, reinforcing World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.  

No ticking sound and various sound settings allowing for complete control – the WASH beeps at the beginning and end of each of the three steps: Soap, Scrub, and Rinse, and can be used with or without the beep or music to allow for the option to use sound to reinforce timing or completely silent operation. 

Plus, the WASH features a removable suction cup that can be placed on a wall or counter, stand alone, or hang with a screw. 

Clean Hands for Everyone with the Time Timer WASH 

Best of all, children of all ages and abilities understand it, as there is no need to understand numbers, memorize songs, or be able to count to ensure hands are cleaned thoroughly, and research has proven that Time Timer products help to promote self-regulation.  

Time Timer is excited to share the Time Timer WASH with you, as we revolutionize handwashing education in classrooms and homes.  

Enter To Win a Brand New Time Timer Wash and Get on the Preorder List! 

Enter to win a Time Timer WASH (valued at $26.95) and be one of the first to know when they are available for preorder, at the button below. 






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