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Celebrating Those Who Graduate This Year 

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


Graduation is a special season for graduating seniors and for those who have helped them to the finish line. While they may seem like the inevitable culmination of years of schooling, it is important for everyone to step back and take a moment to really take stock and recognize what it took to arrive at the momentous graduation day. Whether graduating Middle School, High School, College or beyond, it is an accomplishment that is worthy of celebration, especially now when each moment of joy is even more noteworthy. 


With much of the country not quite out of the woods in our return to normalcy, it’s important to find creative ways to celebrate graduations this season. Look to how some schools are hosting their ceremonies this year. Fenway Park is hosting a number of Boston area high school and university graduation ceremonies with plenty of space for all students and family members to gather safely.  Texas Motor Speedway is helping students from Texas Woman’s University “cross the finish line” 


While not everyone will be able to have such a unique ceremony experience, they can serve as inspiration to finding other ways to memorialize the experience. Socially distant and outdoor activities continue to afford safer environments when we do make the choice to gather together.  


With that in mind, consider some fun ways to expand your festivities in a way that feels good to you.  

1. Gather some friends and their families and book some campsites together at a State or National Park.  

These locations are great in that they often provide some clear sense of your own space but campsites are often grouped not far from the next one, allowing for safe outdoor areas to engage with others. Plan out the weekend and take some hikes together as well. Being able to share that experience with your family and friends can make for a memorable experience for the graduate in your family and also allow everyone to re-establish a sense of communion with friends who we haven’t seen enough of in the past 12 months. 


2. Looking for something a bit quicker and easier to plan? Order food from your graduate’s favorite local restaurant and head to the park for a nice outdoor, socially distanced picnic.  


Most restaurants have made adjustments over the past year to keep the doors open and staff employed. Even your typical splurge-night favorites have followed this trend, making almost all your go-to's readily available for take-out. Celebrate your graduate’s special day with a lavish spread and feel good about supporting local businesses at the same time.  


3. And for those of us that aren’t able to be there to celebrate in person, it’s always nice for the graduates in our lives to receive a nice gift to commemorate the occasion. 


In many cases, graduates are not only finishing school but also preparing to move onto the next stage of their lives, which may include moving away to a new city, state, or even country. Do a bit of research about where they’re heading and purchase some gift certificates for restaurants, businesses, or for experiences in their new town. Show them that you’re excited for where they’re heading and want to help them settle into their new life. For a more practical gift, go ahead and give them a Time Timer Watch PLUSWith most graduates moving on to the next level of their education or often to their first job, the Time Timer Watch PLUS is a great gift to keep them on schedule with their projects, studies, and test-taking. And it’s always with them no matter where their next class or meeting may be. 


With school years winding down around the country, let’s be sure to celebrate the 2021 graduates. It’s not been the final year many of them expected or hoped for, but it’s a perfect time to make this moment special and turn it into a great jumping-off point for whatever comes next. 



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