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Celebrating ADHD Awareness Month

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


ADHD Awareness Month is all about celebrating ADHD and seeking better understanding and support of ADHD for ourselves, our families and friends, and our communities.  

ADHD is a neurological condition that occurs in both children and adults of all ages. Early diagnosis and treatment can help individuals and their families to been seen, heard, and understood and allow them to thrive. 

Here at Time Timer, we are excited to feature guest blog posts from parents, educators, and experts throughout the month to offer their knowledge and experiences with ADHD.  

Over the next month, we will be celebrating ADHD and offering a little extra love to the people in our lives with ADHD. We look forward to hearing from our guest bloggers as they inspire us and guide us in better understanding and supporting family, friends, and our communities.  

If you would like to learn more about ADHD, we have compiled some resources to get you started.  

Stay tuned throughout October for guest posts on the blog. You’ll hear from a psychologist on next steps when you think your child may have ADHD, one writer's experience of ADHD diagnosis as an adult, tips from an occupational therapist on ADHD-friendly routines to set children up for success, and the link between dyslexia and ADHD. We would love to hear about your experiences with ADHD on our social channels! 



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