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Be Intentional With Time Through the Year

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


We talked about 9 ways to conquer time in the new year. In this list, you were given ways to be more productive with your time as well as more intentional. One item on the list we thought deserved more attention was number 2. Write it down.  


  1. Write it down.Set the Time Timer for 60 minutes and write down what is important to you to make time for daily, weekly, and monthly. When you look back at the year on December 31st, what do you want to have accomplished or enjoyed? Set a reminder to review your list quarterly. 


Now that we are a couple of weeks into the New Year the celebrations have ended and everyone is back in their normal routine. That gives you a great opportunity to set your intentions for the new year. Sitting down for 60 minutes to make a list of what you want to be your main priority through the new year. It could be work, family, personal, or anything that means a lot to you.  


First, start by making a list for the entire year. Think about what you have planned so far in the year ahead and what you want to accomplish. Is there a career goal you want to set? Is there a family trip you want to plan? 


Second, take that list and narrow it down into a list month by month. Maybe in February, you want to spend five minutes a day reading and then in March, you want to take a walk every evening. This can help you keep yourself accountable to maintain those goals you set for the year.  


Lastly start a daily list. How do you plan to be intentional with your time daily? What will make you the most productive you can be each day? This is your opportunity to focus on what you want to prioritize and what is most important for you in the New Year.  


Sitting down and setting your Time Timer for 60 minutes is all you need to start your new year off right. You can be intentional with your time and give yourself the resources to be successful. Don’t forget to set yourself a reminder so you can review quarterly. Use this time to check in with yourself and keep on track.  


Now that you know what to write you probably need somewhere to write it! Our blog post 5 Best Planners for Crushing the New Year is a great place to look! There you can find a whole list of fresh planners to start the New Year out with. Our personal favorite here at Time Timer is the Passion Planner which is the second planner on the list! 


This planner also pairs well with Jake Knapp’s book Make Time. In Jake’s book he talks about being intentional with your time and starting your day out on the right foot. 


Make this New Year one that you spend your time intentionally on what matters most!  




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