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Be More Productive in the New Year with these Five Apps

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

There are many digital apps to choose from to help us manage our schedules, plans, and tasks, but how do you filter through all of them and find one that works? We reviewed some of the top apps for helping productivity, listed below. All of the apps are also compatible with our Time Timer app ® (more on that later). 

1. Cozi is designed for sharing with members of the family. Its calendars can be viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Adding events is a breeze. You have a  space for to-do lists, shopping, meals, and journaling. You can view your activities for the day, including the meals you have to prepare.  Parents can have a color-coded family calendar, with members having their favorite colors, and easy sort filters to boot. Its journal feature enables parents and children to capture special moments with short write-ups and pictures.  Cozi can be used with Google calendar, Outlook, Apple calendar and TeamSnap, and sync across multiple devices. 

2. Google Calendar has a neat and bright interface and available for today, week, month and year views which you can share with family, friends, colleagues, and clients. It can be used by almost everyone since it can be customized to one’s needs. You can have a variety of colors as well as more focused schedule views. You also have the option to automatically create events for flights, restaurant and hotel reservations based on your Gmail. It can also break down your habit-forming goals into short goals with the Timeful app, now part of Google’s family.  

3. Remember the Milk is the smart -to-do app for busy people. The new app breaks the main tasks into smaller tasks that can be searched and completed. It also introduces new ways of organizing tasks. The smart add feature makes it easier to build on the tasks, and it also has reminders and alerts as well as a daily digest. Tasks can be shared as well. The app can be used by working and non-working individuals, managers or not.  It can also be shared with family members.  

4. Jorte is a calendar and organizer app that manages your schedule completely. It displays daily, weekly and monthly schedules with a countdown feature. You can use color to the fullest to customize your schedule and tasks with the apps’ array of background images and fonts. It also syncs with Google and other calendar services. According to the site, “the way to manage an organizer depends on the person and you can make Jorte look the way you like.” Like Cozi, it has a diary space to record your personal and work-related thoughts and insights with pictures, memos, notes and more.   

5. Any.do organizer is an easy-to-use app on any device anywhere, anytime.  You can keep all your tasks, lists, reminders and events in one place. It easily syncs with Google calendar, Exchange, iCloud and more. Its calendar displays day, week, month and year views. The organizer comes with Any.do Assistant that uses AI to review your tasks automatically. It highlights the tasks that it can do for you. The assistant will connect you to smart robots and individuals that can carry out the specific task, with your approval of course.   

Calendars, task lists and planners are great, but you still need to manage your time. All of the apps listed above are compatible with our Time Timer apps for Android and iOs. 

Time Timer® for iOS enables you to time all of your tasks. It stores up to 99 timers (active or inactive)! Alerts are also provided, and you can even move the timers to Apple TV or interactive monitors by airplay. With one swipe of your finger in the  Time Timer® Android App, you can set your time for whatever task you have. Hit the play icon and the visual countdown begins. 

Wishing you a productive and happy new year!


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