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Assistive Technologies Help Everyone Succeed in Daily Life

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


March 27 is an official day of recognition most people may not even know about – National Assistive Technologies Awareness Day! All of us at Time Timer are honored to be a part of a community of organizations dedicated to supporting and serving individuals of ALL abilities. On March 11, 2019, Senator Robert P. Casey Jr., and Senator Kevin Cramer submitted Senate Resolution 103, a resolution designating March 27 as National Assistive Technology Awareness Day to the U.S. Senate.  

The 116th United States Congress (2019-2020) unanimously agreed to the resolution, and thus March 27 is reserved each year to recognize the positive impact of assistive technologies. According to the declaration established in March 2019, assistive technology (AT) is “any item, piece of equipment, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities and older adults.” 

This important resolution also recognizes and commends assistive technology specialists, program coordinators, and organizations dedicated to supporting differently-abled people access these kinds of technologies. 

All of us at Time Timer strongly believe that when everyone has access to the tools and technologies that help them succeed, everyone wins!  It’s important for all of us to foster a sense of inclusion throughout our communities, which ultimately enriches life for all of us. No matter what a person’s challenge, we all have something positive to contribute to the world. It’s up to each of us to ensure everyone has what they need to live their life to the fullest, no matter their perceived limitation or ability. Time Timer loves being a part of that philosophy! 


According to the Administration for Community Living, examples of assistive technology tools and devices include: 

    • Visual Timers 
    • Hearing aids 
    • Vehicle modifications, such as hand controls or wheelchair lifts 
    • Devices that help with bathing and eating 
    • Software modifications for those with hearing and visual challenges 
    • Equipment, such as grab bars in a shower, to help prevent falls 
    • Eyeglasses and magnification devices to help individuals with low vision 
    • Communication devices for individuals with speech disabilities 
    • Wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility devices 


Time Timer offers a range of practical and helpful tools that help people visualize time in an engaging, easy-to-interpret way. Our mission is empowering people of all abilities to conquer time! 

When our company’s founder, Jan Rogers, invented Time Timer in 1994, she based her concept on the visualization of elapsed time in a clear, high-contrast format differing from traditional digital or analog clock formats. Following lots of field research and consultation with professionals serving people with different abilities, it became apparent that Time Timer visual timers would be especially beneficial for people with cognitive, behavioral, and other challenges.  

Time Timer visual timers are an especially supportive aid in teaching time awareness for these individuals, as well as those with learning and sensory difficulties. These may include people with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, Dyslexia, executive function deficits, and many other cognitive and behavioral-related diagnoses. 

Adults and children with these and other disabilities may have marked difficulty understanding the concept of “passing time”, where the difference between five minutes and 30 minutes is not clearly understood. Time Timer visual timers provides a stress-free solution and encourages responsible independence and autonomy, as well. For those with sensory issues, it is worth noting that Time Timer products are designed without any ticking noises, which can be common with kitchen timers and traditional analog clocks. Even more, Time Timer visual timers may be used with or without an audible alarm at the end of a set time period. 

Keeping track of your time is important for everyone, no matter their abilities. Time Timer’s suite of new products can help anyone conquer time, and maybe even have some fun doing it! And if you are visual learner, like many adults and children of all abilities, Time Timer can be your hero. Our innovative timekeeping tools will help keep you, your family, and children stay focused on what’s most important throughout the day. 


We encourage you to check out everything Time Timer has to offer your family, students, and anyone who is differently abled. If you’d like to explore and learn more about assistive technology, please visit the Administration for Community Living. You’ll also find additional information on state AT programs and related data, as well as additional resources to help you find and obtain assistive technology that fits your needs. 



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