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Saying Goodbye

Posted by Heather Rogers on

It’s never easy to say “goodbye”. That applies to family members and friends. Our homes. Jobs. A favorite city or region. And, yes, the same can be said for bidding farewell to a year.  2015 has been a busy one! Doesn’t it seem like it was just packed with one attention-grabbing headline after another?

Of course, far too many of those “breaking news” banners were about sad events, but this year gave us a lot to be excited and cheer about, also. American Pharoah became the first Triple Crown winner in almost four decades. Scientists are pretty sure they have discovered clear signs of water on Mars. Where do you suppose that will lead us? The U.S. women’s soccer team inspired generations of youngsters by winning its first Cup in sixteen years. And the incomparable Adele wowed the world by saying “hello” after a long, four-year silence!

It’s been an especially good year for us here at Time Timer. Multiple awards and recognition. New products (with more soon to be released!). Brand new website. Consistent communication from parents and teachers, students and professionals, about the value that our timers add to their lives. In fact, such a year can almost make you hesitate to leave it behind and start a new one.
There’s no end of “guidance” about how to start off a new year. Everything from periods of reflection, structuring time, making resolutions, letting go of old baggage to, believe it or not, one article stressed making sure you’ve “put away your holiday decorations in a timely manner”.

To be fair, all of those can be useful, and it even makes a certain amount of sense that blinking elves on the lawn, as we move through January, can be a distraction. But, I believe what’s most important in making any meaningful transition, including simply moving from December 31st to the next day, is to be aware. Do it deliberately. Purposefully. Not wake up one day, while shopping for Valentine’s Day candy, and realize that half of the first quarter is gone! 

Perhaps the best advice for when it’s time to step from one year to another comes from an American icon that, sadly, we lost this year. Yogi Berra was considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time and helped his beloved New York Yankees win 10 World Series. Even though his legacy will forever earn him a prominent spot in baseball’s history books, Yogi was at least as well known for his unique sayings, often referred to as "Yogi-isms". Most were funny. Some didn’t seem to make any sense. But, as one noted journalist described them, they were nearly always "distilled bits of wisdom which, like good country songs and old John Wayne movies, get to the truth in a hurry."   When we make any move, including from one year to the next, it really is important to do it consciously and with purpose.

Or, as Yogi would say…
“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Time Timer is closing the books on our best year ever. But what’s even more exciting is the belief that, with the feedback and support of the greatest customers any company could ask for, 2016 will be even better!  So, yes, Yogi, we’re ready to take it! Goodbye 2015 and hello to a brand New Year!  

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