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The Truth About Christmas

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Do you believe in miracles? Many of our favorite holiday movies incorporate some sort of miraculous element --- George Bailey and Ebenezer Scrooge are transported through time by angels, Rudolf’s shiny nose cuts through the winter fog like a mega-laser and Tom Hanks takes us on a magical journey with the Polar Express. Christmas is the season for miracles!

Humbug, you say? Not so fast…

Maybe we can’t actually prove that all of the other reindeer loved Rudolf after he saved Christmas, but we know for a fact that a genuine Christmas miracle took place in 1914 on the frozen battlefields of Belgium during World War I. Starting on Christmas Eve, totally unsanctioned by their superiors, soldiers from the German army and Allied Forces started singing carols back and forth to each other. Soon, they began laying down their weapons and meeting to shake hands between their respective trenches. It is said that some even exchanged small gifts while others played an impromptu game of soccer.

From a raging battle to sharing plum pudding --- how else could we explain this than the miracle of the Christmas spirit?

It’s important to remember that this time of year is about more than the number of packages under the tree or the size of our bonus checks. It’s even about more than the gathering of our families and friends. This is peace on earth and good will toward men time! The Christmas miracle wraps around each and every one of us with joy, hope and love.

From the Time Timer family to yours, wishing you all the magic of the season! Have a safe and joyous holiday!


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