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The Truth About Time

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Let’s talk about time. That’s a new one, huh? I know, we talk about time management tools, teaching youngsters the concept of time and how empowering all of that is a lot. Quite a lot. But, we’re in the time business --- that’s what we do. And we’re very proud of the impact we have on the lives of those who use our timers.

But…what’s the point of learning how to understand and manage time? To get more done in a world that increasingly demands that we do more and more? To be able to manage transitions and juggle our schedules so that we can fit into a world that sometimes feels like if it spins any faster we’re all going to fly off into space?

Sure, those things are necessary and some of them even important, but they’re only a means to an end. There has to be a deeper reason than simply being more efficient so that we can take on extra projects. There’s an old saying that goes something like “do a little more each day and a little more will be expected of you each day”. That may be well and good if you’re competing for a promotion or starting a business but it shouldn’t be the way we normally run our lives.

Maybe it being just a week before Christmas is bringing this into even sharper focus. The “reason for the season”, as many like to say, is ultimately love and there is no greater gift we can give those we love than our time. And that is the point of learning how to manage our schedules and activities. We do it so that we will have time to focus on what really matters --- our relationships with those we care about.

We often say that Time Timers allow you to give someone the “gift of time” --- which, in this case, is not only the “means” but also the “end”. How awesome is that?

We’re in the final countdown! If you’re in holiday stress mode, just stop. Take a few moments and step away from thoughts of all you “have” to do and think about what you “want” to do and who you want to do it with. (FYI --- I’ll just mention that your handy Time Timer is perfect for helping you take these little breaks.) Make time for those things and let the rest go. Sometimes, less can truly ending up giving us more.

Enjoy this week! It only comes around once a year. And make every moment of it count!

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