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Giving Thanks

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Thanksgiving has to be one of our most popular holidays. Gatherings of family and friends. Foods that we’ve loved our entire lives, even if we only eat them once a year. No gifts to wrap and minimal need for elaborate decorations. Maybe a tad too much football, but with DVR’s, Netflix, Hulu and all those other services that still confuse me, there are lots of other options. And, then, maybe the best part of all…leftovers!

I did a search on social media this morning on the word “Thanksgiving” and, unofficially, I would say more than 90% of what I found related to food. Not surprising. We spend a great deal of time planning the menu, coordinating what dishes guests will bring, shopping, cooking, eating…and recovering. That’s what the day is meant to commemorate --- that “First Thanksgiving” following the first successful harvest the pilgrims had in 1621. According to many sources, that feast, which was attended by settlers and Native Americans, lasted three days! So, this may be one holiday that we actually celebrate in a fairly accurate manner!

There’s more to this special day, though. The pilgrims knew it. They were keenly aware that they probably wouldn’t have even survived, let alone had such a bountiful harvest, without the help of the Native Americans. That’s why they deemed it a time of “giving thanks”.

We continue this tradition when we pause at some point during the day and take a moment to express what we are personally thankful for. Or, perhaps, simply use a “silent moment” to take stock of our many blessings. Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday and, as Americans, we have much for which to be thankful. Our lives may not be storybook perfect, but most of us are leading lives that many can only dream of.

Here at Time Timer, we are doubly blessed. Not only are we looking forward to spending the day with our own families, but we are so thankful for this journey that we share with you, our wonderful customers. This has been an amazing year! New products that were greeted with incredible enthusiasm. Awards that recognize the value of our timers. Heightened visibility through major media exposure. It just keeps getting better and better! And, with all of this, comes a mixture of pride and humility --- but, most of all, gratitude. Thankfulness.

From the Time Timer family to all of you, we wish you a safe and joyful day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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