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7 Products We Recommend to Anyone Living with Low Vision

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February is Low Vision Awareness MonthThere are many products that are on the market (including Time Timer) that cater to the needs of individuals with low vision.  

According to Lee Huffman, AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief for the American Foundation for the Blind, “Low vision is a term commonly used to mean partial sight, or sight that isn't fully correctable with surgery, medications, contact lenses, or glasses. In the United States, the most common causes of low vision are age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. People can also be born with conditions such as albinism or optic nerve damage that can result in low vision. Low vision can have an impact on people of all ages. 
Below you will find our list of seven products that can make the lives of people with varying vision abilities easier.  

1. Full page magnifier. Reading can sometimes be a challenging task for people with low vision. The addition of a full-page magnifier allows for the font in the book to be enlarged. This is especially helpful because there are certainly instances when reading material isn’t available in larger sized print.  


Photo from Magnifying Aids Products

2. Specialty glasses for watching TV.  Diving into a favorite TV show can be difficult without the appropriate modifications in place. These glasses  allow the wearer to engage with the show or movie they are watching.  


Photo from Eschenbach


3. Monitor Magnifier. monitor magnifier can make daily computer tasks easier by increasing the size of the items on the screen for easier viewing.  

Photo from Kantek


4. Camera based reading device. These reading devices will read anything with text aloud to the user. Even flyers and pieces of mail can be interpreted and read aloud. The best part is, it is made to be extremely user friendly so there is not a learning curve associated with using the device.  

Photo from Freedom Scientific
5. Tip-n-Split. This product has a fun name, and there are many uses for this discrete device for people of all abilities. The Tip-n-Split is a pocket-sized magnifier, light, and calculator - all in one - and is great to use in dimly lit restaurants to view the menu with more light as well as magnification. 

Photo from Tip-n-Split 

6. Low Vision Keyboard. This large print keyboard makes the keys easier to see which makes it easier to type and likely faster. 
 Photo from Keys-U-See

7. Time Timer. Of course we are partial to the Time Timer line of visual timers. There are a variety of timer sizes, all with high-contrast colored disks for easier viewing. Being able to quickly and easily see how much time is left towards a designated task helps keep things on track and ease the user’s mind.  


Hopefully these suggestions help make daily life a little easier and bring attention to Low Vision Awareness Month. 




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