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5 Academic Planners for Back to School - For Teachers and Students

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Back to school is going to look different for everyone this year. Both teachers and students are going to have new challenges and transitions. We have done the work for you and found 5 academic planners to help you tackle this school year. Let’s make our new normal as organized as we can!  



1. Ivory Paper Co

Photo credit: ivorypaperco.com 


Why we love themIvory Paper Co makes a planner specifically for teachers and students – The Ultimate Academic Planner. This planner gives you the ability to choose the planner’s start date and length. That way you can choose if you want your planner to start in July, August, or September and if you want it to last 10 or 12 months. This makes it great for each individual to personalize how they want to schedule their school year. You can also add 40 extra pages of lined note pages for an additional $4, this makes it perfect to keep your schedule and notes in one spot!  

Ivory Paper Co was founded by Alitzah Stinson in 2018. On the website, it says “we hope that our planners and stationery can inspire and aid each of you to plan beautifully while still enjoying those not so planned moments.”  



2. Passion Planner  


Photo credit: passionplanner.com 


Why we love them: The Passion Planner not only keeps you on track but also keeps you motivated to do what you love. Their academic version is a weekly planner that dates from August to July. With 3 size options, you can choose which size will fit your needs best. There are a total of 40 additional pages for notes – 20 that are blank and 20 that have a grid. You can set goals, keep track of appointments, and take notes all in one place with the Passion Planner. Take 30 minutes using the Time Timer MOD to find your motivation for the day!  

Another great reason to buy a Passion Planner is because select planner purchases give back to nonprofits and organizations. The Passion Planner shown above - the Weekly '20 - '21 Academic Geo Turqoise gives a dollar from each sale to the organization Girls Who Codean organization that takes a stand against the underrepresentation of women in the tech field. The Weekly '20 - '21 Acadmic Goal-Getter Gray gives one dollar from each sale to The New Teacher Project a nonprofit working to end educational injustice and helping to provide quality teachers to the students who need it most.  



3. Bloom Daily Planners  


Photo credit: bloomplanners.com 


Why we love them: Bloom Daily Planners have a version for both teachers and students. The teacher collection of planners offers undated planners that range from August to July. This gives teachers the ability to customize their planner based on their school’s schedule – this may be a great option for teachers this year because of the unknowns of how each school’s calendar may look. The student collection of planners are a 13-month planner that runs from July to July that is designed specifically for elementary through high school students. Not only is this a planner, but it also offers educational content and helpful school resources for students.  

As said on their website, their student planners are “intended to inspire a younger audience to recognize the power and excitement of organization and planning.” With fun and bright colors and additional stickers available, these planners are both customizable and fun for students and teachers.  



4. Bullet Journal  


Photo credit: bulletjournal.com 


Why we love them: The Bullet Journal is a less traditional option for academic planners. They look like a plain notebook on the surface, but they’re built around a method to log information as bulleted lists. This is based on the founder, Ryder Carroll’s, own trial and error to figure out how to be focused and productive despite his own learning disabilities. He wrote a book highlighting what he has learned through his own experiences – The Bullet Journal Method. These notebooks are perfect for anyone who struggles with focus, including people with learning disabilities. The Bullet Journal especially pairs nicely with the Time Timer PLUS 60 Minute. This is a great way to start your day, taking 15-20 minutes to organize your thoughts and focus on what you want to accomplish. 

The Bullet Journal gives you the ability to totally customize your organization with no parametersWith unknown schedules this year, this could be the perfect organizer for both educators and students. Keep your life simple and organized with the Bullet Journal.  



5. Rethinking Schools - Planning to Change the World 2020-2021 


Photo credit: rethinkingschools.org 


Why we love them: This is a brand new planner that will be released in August and is available for preorder now. As stated in the description, “This is a plan book for school-based, home-based, and community-based educators who believe that young people can, will, and already do change the world. It is designed to help educators translate their vision of a just education into concrete activities.” This planner has all important social justice and historical events, as well as references. These references are to online activities and resources to help educators with lesson plans. This is the perfect planner for educators dedicated to educating their classes on social justice and starting conversations that are sometimes hard, but essential, to have.  

All proceeds from the sale of this planner will support the Education for Liberation Network and Rethinking Schools. This is not just a planner, but a full plan book to assist you in lesson plans and additional resources you can share in your classroom with your students.  




Pick what planner fits your style and start the school year on track. With all the unknowns, this school year may be causing you some anxiety. With these planners, you can organize your thoughts and schedules to help ease anxieties you may be having. Everyone has their own unique way to keep track of tasks and thoughts and these 5 planners are a great way to start!  




What are some of your favorite ways to get organized before the school year?  

Join our Facebook group Make Every Moment Count: for Parents and Educators and share your tips on how to get organized for back to school! We can’t wait for you to join the conversation.  



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