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Dr. DClutter and the Ten-Minute Tidy

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Dr Darnita L. Payden, aka "Dr DClutter," is a gifted Life Management Specialist. 

You may have seen her on Hoarders, The Diane Rehm Show or Costco Connection Magazine.
With a PhD in counseling psychology, Dr Payden helps clients understand the "how" and "why" of their own unique organizational struggles as they begin to create sustainable change. 

Read Dr. Payden's story and try her Ten-Minute Tidy with your Time Timer at home!

By Dr. Darnita L. Payden: 

Say goodbye to stopwatches and kitchen timers -- and hello the Time Timer! What an awesome, deceptively simple time management tool. I've been using two different sizes ~ the 3" and the 12".

Because I always use a product before I ask my clients to trust me about its usefulness or effectiveness, I spent three months discovering how many ways I could use the Time Timer in my professional and personal daily life.

Professionally, I use the 3" and 12" Time Timer for:

  • Timing my free telephone consultations with prospective clients.
  • Helping me stay on track in meetings.
  • Delivering presentations.  It sure beats a sign held up in the back of the room with a minute countdown!
  • It's great in helping manage my time on the computer, especially while checking and responding to emails and checking social media. Set it for 30 minutes and go!!

Personally, it can't be beat for timing my workout routines. My Time Timer is right there with me.

You can't imagine the feeling of seeing the red disappear against the white background, while time melts away as I perform my "DNA removal exercises" (cardio and strength training folks). Never has a small chiming beep sounded more melodic to my ears than when the time has expired (yet the beep is quiet enough so as not to disturb others). 

I use it while cooking, especially to remind me to pay attention to the pot of boiling deliciousness on th estove or in the oven. I've even given it to the older kiddies to monitor their computer time, homwork and chores. 

Life Management Clients: 

When I work with clients, time management is always an issue. I envision the Time Timer as an integral tool to help my clients keep track of their valuable time. I've found that if larger projects are broken into smaller, more manageable projects, clients report feeling much less overwhelmed, and they are less ikely to procrastinate. 

Ten-Minute Tidy™:

I will encourage my clients to use the Time Timer to perform an exercise I call the Ten-Minute Tidy™. One of the biggest obstacles my clients face is the belief that they don't have enough time to pusue an organized and functional life. With the Ten-Minute Tidy™, we confront that belief. The exercise also enables the client to spend time focusing on the self vs. the huge seemingly insurmountable organization project. 

How It Works: 

Choose a big organization project at home or at work.

Each day, set aside just 10 minutes to work on one single aspect of your project. Then walk away (or do another ten minutes)!!

You'll experience instant gratification in that 10-minute success, inspiring and empowering you to continue. 

Use your Time Timer to visualize that 10 minutes.

Complete some functional 10-minute tasks throughout the day (clearing your desk, shredding papers, creating your dailiy lists) so you begin to feel confident tackling your tough project for that amount of time.

Want more?? Try checking-in with your friends on Facebook for 10 minutes or watching a YouTube video; you deserve a break for fun too. 

As you get good at the 10-Minute Tidy, a Time Timer can also help you gradually increase your time each day until your big project is successfully complete! 

Visit DrDClutter.com for more ideas and contact Dr. Payden about YOUR Ten-Minute Tidy™ project. 

Of course, there are many, many ways I forsee using the Time Timer in my business ~ the possibilities seem endless! I'll keep Jan informed and share more experiences in the future. I can say without a doubt that this is one product I will DEFINITELY use with my clients! 

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