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Autism and the Time Timer: Tips by Jennifer Twachtman-Bassett

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Autism Spectrum Quarterly is one of the best resources for families who love someone with Autism. By

Jennifer Twachtman-Bassett

 interviewing real people and sharing stories from all walks of life, editor Diane Twatchman-Cullen rallies the Autism community to nurture children on the Spectrum into confident adults. 

This quarter, AS Quarterly's TIPS section featured "Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Time Timer" by Jennifer Twatchtman-Bassett, M.S., CCC-SLP!

Jennifer writes: 

"While I have found Time Timers in many of the facilities where I practice, I also find missed opportunities for using them. So, this issue's TIPS column not only presents strategies for teaching kids how to use the Time Timer, but also some specific examples of situations where they are very helpful."

You can subscribe to ASQuarterly.com to see Jennifer's full list. Here are our favorites!

1. Accentuate the positives! Always begin with small amounts of time on the Time Timer that lead to preferred events or activities (e.g. 5 more minutes and we'll be finished in the store; 5 minutes to break time).

2. Set the child up - for success! When you do begin to use the Time Timer for non-preferred activities, start with only small amounts of time. For example, if your child doesn't like to clean her room, set the Time Timer for 5 minutes and gradually lengthen to 15 or 20 minutes over time. 

3. Use the Time Timer as a substitute for indefinite words like in a little while

4. Use the Time Timer to reduce conflicts at home or in school by showing how much time each child has before he needs to relinquish the TV, computer, iPad, etc. 

5. Use it for so many other situations in which knowledge of the time involved can ease anxiety and help with transitions!

Thanks for a wonderful article, Jennifer! Visit ASQuarterly.com and Facebook.

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